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The Tessitura Network user community is global, diverse in size and covers a wide range of arts, cultural and entertainment genres. The collaborative nature fosters a non-competitive, productive environment where users can openly share ideas, strategies, methods and tools to raise organizational productivity.

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What We Do

Tessitura Software helps more than 500 organizations worldwide run their businesses more efficiently, work smarter, cut expenses and increase revenue. We also provide products and services that enable users to maximize their Tessitura usage and be at the forefront of technology advances.

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Our Story

The Tessitura Network is a unique, member-owned nonprofit with a mission to provide superior products, support and community services to meet the needs of our member organizations. Since 1998, Tessitura Software has become the industry leader and the Tessitura Network continues to grow in both size and strength.


Tessitura's Innovator Series

Business Insights for Arts + Culture

Tessitura's Innovator Series

Brief and inspiring free presentations by arts & cultural industry innovators, presented periodically.

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Are you interested in Tessitura Software for your organization? Marketing representatives will be exhibiting at a number of industry conferences this year and would welcome the chance to meet you in person.