Tessitura Network Merger Expands Services and Consulting Team

Tessitura-Powered Organizations Expand With Record Growth Year


Effective May 1st, the 15 professionals of KlearSky Solutions, LLC (KlearSky) joined the Tessitura Network.    Ivan Medanic, President and founder of KlearSky, has taken the role of Senior Vice President, Consulting, of the Tessitura Network.   Ivan noted, “In many ways this has been a long time coming.  We have been a strategic partner to the Tessitura Network for a number of years and have been providing technology services to many of the Tessitura Network members.  Over the past couple of years we have worked more closely with Tessitura as their growth accelerated further.  We came to the mutual realization that we have a lot of cultural similarities with the Network, as well as complementary business practices and service offerings. From an operational perspective, this brings a number of exciting benefits.”

The Tessitura Network has grown rapidly to 545 organizations who hold licenses, become Network community members, and take advantage of Tessitura’s powerful unified customer relationship system. This system and its capabilities provide arts, cultural and entertainment organizations with equally strong functionality in ticketing and admissions, fundraising, memberships, marketing, CRM, and all of the ways in which organizations connect with their audiences. 

The Tessitura Team’s own expansion in recent years has paralleled that of the Network’s to keep pace and provide vital services.  The Network North American consulting team has grown from a team of nine consultants in 2012 to 50 now.  Additional consultants are based in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  Demand for all services is growing rapidly as new Tessitura organizations come on board and current member organizations optimize their use of Tessitura and operate as effectively as possible.   Consulting services were performed in 2015 for over 300 organizations. With the additional professionals joining from KlearSky, and their business niche and credibility, the Tessitura Network will be in an even stronger position to serve the needs of Network members.

KlearSky, founded in 2004, focused its services to four main offerings: digital design and branding, website development, database management service and custom technology integration. They served Tessitura clients in a number of states with retained services, web services, custom coding, and they performed as a subcontractor for the Tessitura Network.  

Tessitura Network Consulting provides lifecycle services for Tessitura-powered organizations.  These range from:

Implementation and Training Services is responsible for successfully onboarding the many new Tessitura-powered organizations.  In addition, as needed, this team provides on-going system training, consulting and functional optimization recommendations.

Tessitura Services provides on-going Tessitura administration, custom report writing, and functional assistance for organizations that require additional bandwidth on an ongoing or interim basis.  

Tessitura Technical Consulting is dedicated to working with data for custom reports, custom procedures, enabling special interceptors that automate service and revenue building processes, converting data from the many competitor systems that are switched to Tessitura, and performing integrations made possible by the open nature of the Tessitura platform.

KlearSky Web Services is responsible for building out web solutions centered around the KlearSky CMS and for customizations for TN Express Web, the flexible Network service that integrates transaction processing, sales, and arts and cultural organization websites. 

Tessitura Enterprise Consulting provides insights to grow business capabilities, increase ticketing and fundraising revenue, and deepen constituent engagement.  Enterprise consultants provide guidance on business practices that drive organization’s high-level CRM, fundraising, and marketing strategies.  

Jack Rubin, President of Tessitura commented, “The joined forces of the Tessitura Network Team and KlearSky Team are 180 strong and comprise what is likely the largest arts and cultural sector consulting team in the world.  We continue to provide the highest performing arts and cultural enterprise software functionality, the most professional support, the broadest level of professional consulting services, and knowledge and best practice sharing via our community model in the eight countries across the Network community.  We are excited to have the KlearSky team onboard.”

About the Tessitura Network

Tessitura was built from the ground up to specifically help arts and cultural organizations be successful. The functionality is equally strong for ticketing/admissions, memberships, fundraising, reporting/ analysis, and marketing; at its core is a powerful constituent management system designed for Customer Relationship Management.  The nonprofit business model is designed to benefit users – not to pay off investors, shareholders, or venture capitalists. Tessitura Network has not just promised new functionality; Tessitura has delivered new releases every year of operations and priorities are informed by users.  Critically, unlike competition in this sector that promises integration between systems, Tessitura is one fully and seamlessly unified database for full enterprise operations.  

After fifteen years of operations, Tessitura continues to expand rapidly serving theatres, museums, dance companies, performing arts centers, attractions, operas, festivals, symphony orchestras, galleries, and more.  2015 saw the largest growth ever with member organizations operating in Australia, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States.   The hosted deployment model of Tessitura enables quick deployment via the internet.  The popular Tessitura Express Web service enables Tessitura-powered organizations to operate flexibly and to maximize online revenue.  Organizations of all sizes (from ten employees to one thousand employees) are empowered to use Tessitura in a way that best suits their needs – either “out of the box,” or as a platform for innovation.  Tessitura is proud to be a member owned and governed nonprofit with a self-sufficient business model.

For more information about the Tessitura Network, please visit our website at tessituranetwork.com, our Tessitura Innovator Series YouTube channel, or contact Marketing Communications Specialist Lindsay Terchin at media@tessituranetwork.com.

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Before Tessitura, our information about patrons was fragmented, and difficult to avail, much less leverage. Now, we can better understand how our patrons use the museum, track their interest in our performing arts offerings, and correlate all that with their giving habits. Cultivation, marketing, program evaluation, participation…these all feel closely interwoven under the Tessitura umbrella.

Joseph Thompson, Director, MASS MoCA