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Per Network bylaws and Company Purpose, the Board that governs the organization is a diverse group of leaders from Tessitura Software license holders which become Network Members once they go “live” with Tessitura Software.

  • We strive for diversity with the Board consisting of individuals representing organizations of various sizes, genres, geography and people with varied functional and leadership skill sets.
  • Each year a Board nominating committee initiates a process to solicit nominees from the members.
  • After careful due diligence, the Network Board recommends a slate of Directors for a member organization vote.
  • Board terms are three years with term limits of two successive terms per the bylaws.
  • Board terms are staggered for Board continuity with normally three Board seats up for election each year.
  • Board members, per the bylaws, must be employees of member organizations thus ensuring congruence of purpose between Board interests and membership interests.
  • Currently there is a Board of twelve with 9 being elected and, per various Network affiliations and other agreements, one appointed from the Tessitura Software founder- the Metropolitan Opera Association, Inc. (Met) and one from Impresario, LLC, the subsidiary of the Met that is responsible for the asset management of the intellectual property that makes up Tessitura Software.  One Board member, again per the bylaws, is the Network President.
  • It is up to the Board whether to appoint any Ex Officio Board members to achieve member diversity or bring important skills and backgrounds to the Board.  Ex Officio Board members do not vote.
  • Continuity of Board service is important as the Board is responsible for providing governance, financial oversight and strategic guidance to represent the interests of the members and to fulfill the bylaws of the corporation.

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Alan Valentine, Executive Director, Nashville Symphony

"Managing our growth would not have been possible without Tessitura Software."

Gary Keehner, Asolo Repertory Theatre

“The thing that drove us to Tessitura to begin with is the integration of the entire organization.”

Amy Lampi, Alley Theatre

"You can treat the person as an entire patron, because that's how the patrons view our organization… And I feel like Tessitura encourages that kind of collaboration inter-departmentally."

Jennifer Buzzell, Signature Theatre

"Tessitura does a lot to improve our departmental communication. I think that it gives us a common vocabulary, and it gives us insight into the overall business as opposed to our individual silos."