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Career Opportunities with the Tessitura Network

To say that we are selective is an understatement.  The Tessitura Network global team is the most experienced and most dedicated and most passionate group of professionals in this industry. 

We compete with profit-minded commercial enterprises with greater resources than the Tessitura Network.  However, we have become #1 in this sector by being the best, by being mission-driven and by being a great place to contribute and call home.  We do not hire rookies.  We are virtual and open to our team living and working where they want thus we do not force people to move. We are all hands-on. We compensate fairly and have great benefits including a company-paid sabbatical program to refresh and recharge every few years.  We seek the best of the best.  

Many of our team members worked for arts and cultural software organizations for many years and others worked for other companies in the industry and realized there must be a better way to operate the business so the Network concept was very appealing.  Yet others are database, CRM, technical, finance or administration professionals.  Our team retention rate since inception is over 90% which should say something about the career satisfaction. 

We are lean and hate bureaucracy.  We strive to structure our company environment and work practices to foster creativity and achieve excellence for all our clients and our team members. Our company is as strong as our team. Our team is individually and collectively highly skilled.  Our team is focused on fulfilling the Tessitura Network Mission.  We believe in communication, collaboration and coordination wherever and whenever needed to meet company objectives. As individuals we are strong – as a team we are cohesive and strive to be the best in the industry.

We do not encourage people to leave our license holders and do not directly solicit from license holders.  However, we are open to receive and evaluate expressions of interest from all interested people regardless of their place of employment. 

We are sorry that time does not always allow for a personal acknowledgement of all submissions but can assure you that we review each submission.

Contact us at with any questions.

Tessitura Network, Inc. ("Tessitura") is an equal opportunity employer and does not unlawfully discriminate against employees and applicants for employment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship status, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, creed, marital status, gender identity and expression, physical or mental disability of an otherwise qualified individual, membership or application for membership in a uniformed service, engaging in legally protected activity, or any other characteristic protected under applicable law.  Tessitura also provides reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees in accordance with applicable law..

We are currently seeking qualified applicants for the following positions.  Click the links to see additional details on each position.