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The Tessitura Network works with a diverse community of third-party technology partners covering a wide variety of products and services, ranging from e-marketing, alternative sales channels, wealth screening and more. On the following pages is a general overview of our preferred providers who offer their products at the lowest available rates, negotiated for you by the Tessitura Network.

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Alan Valentine, Executive Director, Nashville Symphony

"Managing our growth would not have been possible without Tessitura Software."

Gary Keehner, Asolo Repertory Theatre

“The thing that drove us to Tessitura to begin with is the integration of the entire organization.”

Amy Lampi, Alley Theatre

"You can treat the person as an entire patron, because that's how the patrons view our organization… And I feel like Tessitura encourages that kind of collaboration inter-departmentally."

Jennifer Buzzell, Signature Theatre

"Tessitura does a lot to improve our departmental communication. I think that it gives us a common vocabulary, and it gives us insight into the overall business as opposed to our individual silos."