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AKA is a full-service, award-winning advertising agency with offices in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. The AKA Group, including Digital Media Services and the film advertising agency the Creative Partnership, delivers creative, strategic, and insightful campaigns to the theater, cultural, arts and entertainment industries worldwide. Led by Elizabeth Furze and Scott Moore, AKA NYC delivers innovative solutions across media, marketing, partnerships, interactive, creative, content, insights, and campaign management, with a proven record for producing sales-driven campaigns for premium must-see productions, venues, exhibitions, and events. 

Capacity Interactive

Capacity Interactive is a premier digital marketing consulting agency that serves many of North America's leading performing arts organizations. Practice areas include website redesign project management, email strategy, digital advertising, web analytics, social media, and online fundraising. Their mission is to help clients engage audiences, build community, and market smarter.

MogoARTS Marketing

MogoARTS assists visual and performing arts organizations build a stronger market presence in the online world, enabling them to grow audiences and revenues more effectively and measurably. MogoARTS utilizes best-in-class strategies to build customized digital marketing campaigns that can integrate with Tessitura to track transactions and revenue.

Ve Interactive

Ve is a leading technology company with data at its core. Its vast systems collect billions of online audience data points in real time and blend it with third-party data. Deep segmentation and analysis enables Ve to produce anonymized and actionable datasets which drive VeAds (high performance digital advertising/email prospecting), and the VePanel (a suite of live online tools for websites to acquire, engage, and convert lost customers). Ve Interactive is working towards integration with Tessitura.

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