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DonorSearch was founded with one goal: to provide more accurate, more comprehensive, more actionable data to help nonprofits of all types achieve better fundraising and outreach results. Using proprietary philanthropy databases and algorithms, as well as tens of millions of records from public databases, DonorSearch provides reports manually verified by in-house prospect researchers that combine past philanthropic activity and traditional markers. DonorSearch offers a full range of analytic services, including live audience analytics for arts organizations, prospect screening to identify annual and planned giving opportunities, and related products, such as NCOA and other data appends. DonorSearch is working towards integration with Tessitura. www.donorsearch.net  

iWave Information Systems

Since 1991, iWave Information Systems Inc. has been developing software solutions that empower arts and cultural organizations to raise more major gifts more quickly. iWave compiles wealth and charitable donations data and packages it in easy-to-use tools that help prospect researchers, fundraisers, and other development professionals determine who, when, and how much and then deposits that information into Tessitura via integration. iWave has assisted thousands of organizations in the United States, Canada, and overseas.  www.iwave.com 


WealthEngine is integrated with Tessitura and provides wealth identification and information-based fundraising solutions to more than 2,500 organizations in the United States and United Kingdom, including over 60 Tessitura Network organizations. The WealthEngine - Tessitura integration establishes a critical connection between WealthEngine’s FindWealth Online service and the Tessitura database.  The integration allows members to access complete donor and prospect profiles within Tessitura for seamless access to donor information. www.wealthengine.com

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