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mail2 from L2 Interactive is an integrated and full-featured email marketing solution. mail2 works with more than 100 clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom spanning all markets and genres. mail2 provides never-seen-before features in a Tessitura-integrated email tool, allowing for highly innovative promotional emails. The monthly fixed price model allows for sending an unlimited number of emails, with the fee based on the number of active email subscribers. www.lynch2.com 


WordFly from POP is a friendly digital communication platform developed in collaboration with the Tessitura community to leverage the power of a cultural organization’s patron data. Engage audiences through email, social, and SMS, all within a single system. The integration with Tessitura’s patron management features combined with WordFly’s powerful triggered deployment engine and message creation tools allows for personalized communications to audiences at the right time, through the best channel. WordFly’s interactive reporting features help analyze metrics and benchmarks, then optimize campaigns to increase revenue. www.wordfly.com


More than eight million organizations around the world use MailChimp to design and send email newsletters. MailChimp offers marketing automation, multi-user accounts, a full-featured API, and a mobile-first perspective. Organizations of all sizes use MailChimp to send over 600 million emails every day. MailChimp is built on a solid infrastructure that provides security and control for professional senders working across departments. The MailChimp integrations team helps ensure that the service connects to the best software partners, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Tessitura.  For information on integrating MailChimp with Tessitura please visit www.mailchimp.com or visit Made Media at monkeywrench.works.

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