Print at Home and Access Control

Tessitura includes the ability for your customers to print their tickets on their home computer.  You can include a bar code if so desired, which can then be scanned into Tessitura either via a standalone scanner after the event begins or in real-time mode via N-Scan™.  Print at Home capabilities are native to Tessitura Software and there is no additional charge for this feature.

Do you want to record and view attendance data – in real time?  How about offering secure Print at Home Ticketing?  Would you like to identify and resolve seating errors at the door?  Want to know when a VIP is in the house?  How about troubleshooting seating issues using live ticketing data – from within the venue?

N-Scan Main menu screen.  Click for larger size. N-Scan, Tessitura’s access control solution, gets you more information where you need it so you can talk with patrons knowing the complete picture.

N-Scan is a cost effective venue access control and patron tracking system fully integrated with Tessitura.  As a core function, N-Scan allows ticket scanning using Symbol handheld devices and updates the Tessitura database in real time over wireless networks.

N-Scan access control features include the following:

  • N-Scan ticket scanning screen with no errors.  Click for larger size. Fast, real-time access checking and update.  Attendance scans are fully recorded in Tessitura so you know who came to the performance and when.
  • Ticket errors are reported at the door, before a mistake becomes a problem. Expected error conditions such as invalid tickets, wrong performance, returned/exchanged ticket are reported to the usher and also logged in Tessitura audit files.
  • Guide patrons to the right door at the right time.  Door open and close times and specific entry points are supported.
  • N-Scan ticket scanning screen with an error (ticket was previously scanned).  Click for larger size. Use “Exit Mode” to scan patrons out – and allow re-scanning for re-entry.
  • Use scanners at remote locations. If used in an area not currently in wireless coverage, scan in “offline mode” and sync later with Tessitura.

More than just access control, N-Scan is a portable customer service tool:

  • Deliver messages to constituents upon entry.  When the message is successfully delivered the associated Tessitura customer service issue (CSI) can be closed, all from the handheld device.
  • N-Scan showing ability to look up a seat status.  Click for larger size. Personally greet donors and VIPs on arrival. Key staff members can create patron “watch lists” (using Tessitura constituencies and attributes) and be notified when these patrons are scanned into the facility.  Notification can be on any device that receives email or via the handheld scanning device.
  • View customizable patron bio details, directly on the handheld device.
  • Monitor how the house fills on-the-go; view performance sales and scanned attendance information real-time.
  • N-Scan: Shows ability to get EIS-like sales and attendance numbers.  Click for larger size. Clear seating mix ups and find alternate available seats instantly, all inside the venue. Communicates held seats now being used to Tessitura.

N-Scan is an optional feature that can be added at any time.  Please see the N-Scan™ General Overview for more information.

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