Tessitura On The Go™

Tessitura On the Go™ is perfect for anyone looking to access constituent data, view and update plans, or run reports from an internet browser, including on smartphones and tablets - even those who never log in to Tessitura from a computer.  And it's FREE - Tessitura On the Go is included with Tessitura. 

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CRM on the Go * Fundraising on the Fly * Reporting Wherever You Are

Tessitura Web iPhone

Who at your organization can benefit from Tessitura On the Go?

  • Your executive director doesn’t log into Tessitura but wants to be able to keep tabs on how sales are going – minute by minute – from her iPad
  • Your major gift officer is on the way to a dinner with major prospects and wants a quick rundown on where each is in the cultivation process
  • You thought you were meeting your committee chair for lunch but he hasn’t arrived, and you need to look up his phone number in Tessitura
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