Tessitura Software

The Flagship Product of the Tessitura Network

TESSITURA SOFTWARE® is the leading enterprise-wide, fully integrated software system for arts & cultural organizations.

Features include:

  • Ticketing, subscriptions, box office operations
  • Complete customer relationship management
  • Marketing and list management
  • Fundraising, memberships, sponsorships, contributions
  • Flexible reporting, executive information systems, and analysis tools
  • Extensive web capabilities - full NO FEE internet transactional capability for ticketing (including select-your-own seat), subscriptions, memberships, donations and much more

Using a single database of information, the system empowers the user organization to record, track and manage all contacts with its customers-donors & prospects, conduct highly targeted and cost-efficient marketing and fundraising appeals, handle all ticketing and membership transactions and provide detailed and flexible performance reports. Multi-venue capabilities are included and multi-company capabilities are possible with data privacy protected. Our approach overall is very different than the rest of the industry.  

Box Office / Admissions

Efficient ticket and subscription sales capabilities enable smooth box office operations.  Season and event setup are under your control.  Sophisticated seating logic with multiple options put the right customer in the right seat.  Pricing flexibility allows you to maximize revenue. And that is only the beginning of the benefits. 

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Tessitura is not just a ticketing system with a fundraising module “tacked on,” or vice-versa.  It was designed from the ground up to be fully integrated and includes world-class fundraising capabilities.  Stand-alone fundraising systems or those that claim some sort of interface between separate fundraising and ticketing systems will be sub-optimal solutions.   Boost campaign revenue, analyze and adjust appeals for effectiveness and efficiently manage the cultivation process.

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Group and Tourism Sales

Tessitura efficiently handles group and tourism sales and packaging - from contact management and marketing to managing bookings and tracking sales, robust invoicing, and booking tools including tracking special requests and add-on benefits.  It provides extensive reporting and customization capabilities to allow for innovative use of the system. 


With Tessitura every “touch point” with each customer and prospect is captured, able to be acted upon, and instantly accessed.  Tessitura has been structured with the data that’s most important to you - your constituents - at the “top of the pyramid.”  Subscriptions, donations, customer relations issues and all forms of current and historical activity are accessible (based on security settings) to managers and operators at the click of an electronic tab.  Customer service issues can be set up to handle all sorts of follow up tasks and marketing can be focused where it counts. Overall customer service is greatly enhanced. 

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Tessitura was developed as a full-featured marketing and campaign tracking tool. The system utilizes sophisticated internal triggers and relational database technology. The bottom line - targeting, analysis and prospecting - can be done based on any criteria, attribute or data point in the system.  List management and promotion deployment is super-powered and all activity uses a single database.  Sophisticated data analysis tools are provided.

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Web Transactions

We recognized at the beginning of our development that success on the internet would be absolutely critical to success of our clients.  Thus, it was our decision not to tie in to a specific, rigid technology for online transactions.  Instead, we developed a Web API (Application Program Interface), which is essentially a pipeline between your website and your Tessitura database which enables comprehensive integration between the two.  Using an API means that, if desired, you can provide any functionality on the web that you can do in-house.  And that includes additional features such as online donations, memberships, subscription renewals and constituent record maintenance.

The API is provided with your Tessitura license at no extra charge.  In addition, this integration enables you to set and keep 100% of any handling charges, ticket charges, and transaction charges.  Typically, other software companies rely on your fee revenue for their ongoing operations and profit; we are a nonprofit ourselves and know how important it is for you to keep that revenue under your roof.

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Many Tessitura users also conduct extensive educational and classroom activities and events. Tessitura can be adapted for this purpose and functionality can be extended to the web.  The advantages of one database - streamlined communications, single shopping cart capabilities, reduced data entry, unified and customized invoicing, links to student accounts and parents if appropriate, automatic billing and much more - are very comprehensive.  Thousands of students for hundreds of classes are processed now by various Tessitura users.

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While Tessitura Software is very powerful, sometimes custom capabilities are needed.  Instead of using other systems or additional databases, Tessitura was designed to enable unlimited custom screens and reports, stored procedures, and additional data tables can also be added. When recommended protocols and naming conventions are utilized, custom work can be upgraded to successive Tessitura software versions when new releases come out.  The custom work can be done by Tessitura users or the Tessitura Network Consultants.  Frequently users find it very efficient to contract with the Network instead using internal resources.


Reporting is frequently a deficiency of ticketing and fundraising systems.  With Tessitura reporting is a strength. Over 180 reports in all functional areas are included with the Tessitura system. Each report has flexible parameters so that it can be run in a variety of ways.  Reports are documented and customizable and additional reports can be added at will. View a one-sheet on Tessitura's Business Intelligence Suite (pdf).

Additionally, T-Stats™, a data mining tool, and flexible dashboards are included at no charge.

Tessitura is an open database.  If recommended reporting tools are used, custom reports can be added to the existing reporting tree within Tessitura.  All output can be viewed on screen or printed.  Reports can also be automatically emailed as PDF file to whatever lists you specify. 

Current fund accounting practices are supported in Tessitura’s general ledger interface. The system produces any and all GL entries that may be required to flow into your accounting system.

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Alan Valentine, Executive Director, Nashville Symphony

"Managing our growth would not have been possible without Tessitura Software."

Gary Keehner, Asolo Repertory Theatre

“The thing that drove us to Tessitura to begin with is the integration of the entire organization.”

Amy Lampi, Alley Theatre

"You can treat the person as an entire patron, because that's how the patrons view our organization… And I feel like Tessitura encourages that kind of collaboration inter-departmentally."

Jennifer Buzzell, Signature Theatre

"Tessitura does a lot to improve our departmental communication. I think that it gives us a common vocabulary, and it gives us insight into the overall business as opposed to our individual silos."