Business Intelligence

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T-Stats: Data Analysis Tool 

Your Tessitura License includes a business intelligence application called T-Stats that complements and enhances Tessitura reporting and query capabilities. Easily accessible by a non-technical Tessitura end-user, T-Stats allows you to browse data and create dynamic reports and graphs in seconds using a simple drag-and-drop method.

T-Stats for Business Intelligence

  • T-Stats Business Intelligence in TessituraUtilize your data for advanced analysis, allowing you to track successes, uncover opportunities and spot trends as they are happening
  • Add or remove fields, filter specific values, or pivot the data, all in seconds
  • Instantly create a variety of graphs, charts, and geographic heat maps
  • Save frequently used analysis reports for easy access
  • Share reports throughout your organization
  • Integrate with Tessitura through Tessitura List Manager

Tessitura Dashboards

Tessitura Dashboards help all users – from the executive team to line staff – monitor the key data points most important to their role.  Available both within Tessitura and outside the system via web browser, Tessitura Dashboards are user-friendly, powerful and flexible.  Each user can choose their own suite of widgets and configure them to provide their own view of their enterprise data. Tessitura Dashboards operate alongside Tessitura standard reports and T-Stats to complete the full Tessitura business intelligence suite.

Tessitura Software Ticketing, Fundraising, CRM Dashboards

  • View sales information as bar graphs, sparklines and other easy-to-interpret visualizations
  • Create as many dashboards as you need, using a simple user interface
  • Access Dashboards from a web browser, or from within Tessitura
  • Share dashboards with colleagues at your organization
  • Use the Dashboard framework to pull data from other enterprise systems

Tessitura Software Ticketing, Fundraising, CRM Dashboards

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