Efficient Education program management

Perhaps you run a School for the Arts as part of your venue and mission.  You need to register people for class.  You need to track their financial information.  Whoops, wait a minute, the parent is paying for the class but their child is the registrant!  What other classes have they taken?  What instrument do they play?  Who is their favorite instructor?  Are they allergic to any foods?  How do I let the teacher know who is signed up?

All of this information can be captured in Tessitura, either through standard fields and transactions or via the creation of Custom Screens designed specifically for this purpose.

Education customization for students

This is an important and growing element for many of our client’s business models.  We recognized this need early in our development and have had an Education Specialist on staff for many years; she can work with you one-on-one to come up with the best solution for your specific educational needs.

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