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Tessitura is a fully-integrated system and allows you to structure your fundraising activities within the context of your entire organization.

  • Highly flexible to fit a wide variety of organizational practices
  • View a Constituent’s entire relationship with your organization including contributions, tickets, classes, event attendance and more
  • Robust campaign and fund structure flows to the General Ledger and can handle fundraising efforts of all sizes
  • Configure an unlimited number of campaigns, funds, designations, appeals, donor levels and memberships
  • Solicitation set-up with task assignments and tracking tools for effective moves management
  • Track special event / gala attendance, guests, table seating, giving levels, expenses and invitation lists


Tessitura has an outstanding capacity to process all types of contributions, including individual gifts, grants, corporate gifts and pledges.

Tessitura Software contributions entry screen for fundraising/development

  • Automated creation of acknowledgements, premiums and memberships, based on contribution amount
  • Track matching gifts and credited contributions such as gifts through third parties or family Foundations
  • Accept in-kind contributions and stock gifts
  • User-definable pledge payment schedules with optional auto-charge
  • Capable of tracking multiple Planned Gifts with a wide variety of reportable fields
  • Gift Restrictions based on date, use or any other requirement
  • User-defined Gift Designations to ensure proper use and tracking of contributions
  • Assign specific listing preferences to donor contributions for ease in creating accurate donor listings for your publications
  • Operator batches provide sound accounting procedures

Memberships / Donor Levels

Memberships help you manage cyclical giving and classify constituents for benefits management. Even if donors are not designated as members, the Tessitura membership structure analyzes giving trends, resulting in successful efforts to sustain and increase donations.

Tessitura Software memberships setup

  • Define and maintain multiple simultaneous membership schemas
  • Track donor acquisition, renewals and attrition
  • Membership levels are automatically created when processing a qualified gift to a designated campaign
  • Memberships may commence on the date of the contribution, at the beginning of the following month or on a fixed date
  • Expiration dates are flexible and can be used to track which members are up for renewal
  • Automate function around renewal gifts, benefit grace periods following expiration, and donor attrition
  • View reports based on initiation date, expiration date, giving trends, membership levels or a host of other options
  • Option to decline benefits or assign membership to someone other than the person making the contribution


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