Web Transactions

Enabling your website to work for you

Connecting your website to your Tessitura database via the Web API requires certain technical skills, such as a good understanding of Microsoft SQL.  If you have those skills on staff then you can handle the API connection yourself by following the extensive documentation that we provide.  If you do not have that skill set then we can recommend a number of qualified third-party companies that are capable of handling your project.  This method means that the look, feel, transaction flow and visual design are totally up to you and that you control your entire web environment and “user experience”.

If you do not need a great deal of flexibility for your online sales then you might be able to take advantage of TN Express Web™, an affordable method for those that have more basic online transaction needs.  TN Express Web™ can be operational within a few weeks and features a fixed and affordable monthly flat charge.

Either way, processing is real-time which means there is no longer the need for allocations or form processing.   Freedom and flexibility!

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