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Tessitura Network provides high quality, extremely responsive, 24/7 (including weekends and evenings) support for all Tessitura licensees. Our North American support team provides support on the core Tessitura Software to clients in the US and Canada. We also have support teams in the UK and Australia/New Zealand to provide the same high availability standard of support to clients in those regions.

As our client base and product offerings have grown, our support team has grown as well to ensure that we are able to provide consistent, high quality support to all clients. We consistently exceed the high standards for support response set out by the Network membership. Our focus is on providing the highest level of customer service and ensuring that each issue is fully resolved to the satisfaction of the client. We survey licensees annually regarding the quality of customer support, and we always rank very highly.

Learning Resources

Tessitura learning tools and opportunities lead the industry:

  • Thousands of pages of comprehensive documentation are collected into an online, interactive help system with easy navigation, extensive linking between cross-referenced topics, fast and effective searches, and context-sensitive links from within the application.
  • Web-based training sessions on topics from basic to advanced are available to license holders. Dozens of sessions are conducted real-time each year.  Participants are able to ask questions real-time to build knowledge after each presentation.   Webinars vary from functional learning to new release information to product and service overviews. 
  • T-Classes are e-learning tools covering basic and advanced Tessitura functionality.  They are self-paced, include voice and screen views at a comfortable and adjustable pace.  Learning questions are asked at various points. Use of these classes saves basic training time. 
  • The annual Tessitura Learning & Community Conference (TLCC) is only cross-genre, cross-function, cross-size, global arts and cultural learning conference for all levels of staff and executives. Four and a half days are filled with educational content, networking opportunities, Tessitura training, peer to peer presentations and more.


A diverse spectrum of the most respected arts and cultural organizations in the world have something in common—they are members of the Tessitura Network. The Tessitura community scope encompasses arts and cultural organizations of all shapes and sizes, and our numbers continue to grow. The community of theatres, orchestras, performing arts centers, festivals, dance companies, opera companies, museums and university arts-affiliated departments represents the pinnacle of artistic excellence.

The Members of the Tessitura Network participate in a collaborative learning process that is inclusionary, forward-thinking and unique to the industry. Thousands of users worldwide benefit each other by sharing best-practice business ideas on a daily basis through the resources available on the Member-only portion of this website and on an annual basis at the global Tessitura Learning & Community Conference. 
Being part of the Tessitura Network means that you and your organization have access to these community tools and resources. The Tessitura Network team has made every effort to ensure that communication between Network Members is seamless, streamlined and simple, and has capitalized on the benefits of this knowledge-sharing for the benefit of all Tessitura users. 

Tessitura Business Intelligence Tools

There are three aspects of Tessitura Business Intelligence, all of which are included at no additional charge with your Tessitura Software license.

  • Tessitura Software includes 200+ standard reports in all functional areas, including Finance, Ticketing, Development, Membership and many more. Custom reports can be created by utilizing any third-party report writer that is compatible with Microsoft SQL (e.g. SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, MS Access).  We can also provide custom report writing as part of Tessitura Network Consulting.  In addition, any Tessitura organization that has written a custom report which might be of interest or value to other Tessitura organizations can post the code for that report on our secure website, from which any other member organization can download the report at no cost or obligation.
  • T-Stats™ is a Business Intelligence application that complements and enhances Tessitura Software reporting and query capabilities. T-Stats allows a functionally-capable, but non-technical Tessitura user to define fields, analyze data and create reports in mere seconds. T-Stats complements traditional reporting and is customizable based on your organization’s unique needs. Best of all, T-Stats is included with your Tessitura license.
  • Tessitura Dashboards complete the Tessitura business intelligence suite. A complement to traditional reporting and T-Stats (included data mining tool), Tessitura Dashboards put key business metrics at your fingertips and are configurable by user. Tessitura Dashboards are included with your Tessitura License and require T-Stats (also included).

Enhancement Process

The Tessitura Network is committed in its mission to support, enhance and improve the Tessitura arts organization enterprise software in order to meet the operating needs of Tessitura users and keep the software functionality at the forefront of the industry. Our Network community plays a crucial role in this mission, and our Members participate in an enhancement process that is collaborative, inclusionary and highly unique in our industry.

While Network Development strives to continuously update Tessitura and the Web API to take advantage of new technologies and to hone the performance of the applications, the vast majority of functional changes to Tessitura, from large-scale features to small cosmetic changes, are implemented at the request of the user base. The Tessitura Network provides a variety of input channels to ensure that the community has a voice in the enhancement process of the software. This process ensures that the direction of the application is primarily guided by the Licensees of the system.

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Alan Valentine, Executive Director, Nashville Symphony

"Managing our growth would not have been possible without Tessitura Software."

Gary Keehner, Asolo Repertory Theatre

“The thing that drove us to Tessitura to begin with is the integration of the entire organization.”

Amy Lampi, Alley Theatre

"You can treat the person as an entire patron, because that's how the patrons view our organization… And I feel like Tessitura encourages that kind of collaboration inter-departmentally."

Jennifer Buzzell, Signature Theatre

"Tessitura does a lot to improve our departmental communication. I think that it gives us a common vocabulary, and it gives us insight into the overall business as opposed to our individual silos."