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The Culturephiles

Adventures from the business of arts and culture with Andrew Recinos

Two cats side by side one lying on their side the other walking towards the camera.
book iconThe Culturephiles

When in doubt, bring in the cats

Arts & Culture / Community Engagement / COVID-19 7 min

How Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum is transforming experiences with feline intervention

Audience members wearing face masks walking through the Van Gogh Alive at Birmingham Hippodrome exhibition.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Delivering Safe Experiences Right Now

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / COVID-19 8 min

Cultural organizations go to creative lengths to safely share in-person experiences during pandemic

Water feature surrounded by moss and tiny plants
book iconThe Culturephiles

The Art of Essentialism

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 8 min

Streamlining without compromising in the COVID age

Artwork of two  cartoon faces on a brick wall, the first in winking and the second in side profile like Pac Man.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Creating Revenue Diversity in a Pandemic

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 8 min

Does your budget look like a Pac-Man or a Trivial Pursuit wheel?

Seven tall, narrow panels, each showing a different person.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Behind the Music: How the Dallas Opera Won the Internet

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 7 min

You have rock stars: are you leveraging them now to strengthen relationships?

Image of  dancer standing on point on dock with city in background.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Post-traumatic growth is real.

Arts & Culture 6 min

A study on trauma resilience points to opportunity on the other side of COVID. Are arts and culture ready to play a part?

Words 'Together We Create!' written in black graffiti or brick wall.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Think local, act local: Hometown pride surges in lockdown

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 8 min

How cultural organizations are harnessing local pride to engage all audiences

A group of passengers, seated and standing, in a New York subway car.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Does your audience look like your city?

Arts & Culture 6 min

How a response to tragedy provides a lesson in diversity

A silhouetted person running on a beach at sunrise
book iconThe Culturephiles

Six traits of forward-looking cultural organizations

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 8 min

What Tessitura has learned from six months of listening

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