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Tessitura Network Business Continuity Statement


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Tessitura Network is open for business during COVID-19.

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our team, our partners, and our member organizations, and we are taking all recommended precautions.

We are at low risk for potential business disruption. Since our founding in 2001, we have been a work-from-home company, and today we have staff in five countries and 33 US states. As a virtual company, we are set up to continue operating throughout any quarantines or travel advisories that may arise. Furthermore, having staff spread out across the globe dramatically reduces our risk of any health-related disruption of services. Our team skillset is also distributed geographically, so that we are not reliant on any one geographic region for specific Tessitura services.

Because we have been a virtual company for nearly two decades, our ability to communicate and deliver service remotely is well honed, not something we now have to learn. Every day we deliver support, consulting, training and other member services via remote channels including video conference, telephone, and online chat.

A dedicated senior leadership team is meeting daily on this issue to make sure our member organizations have the resources and support they need in this unprecedented time. We are continually evaluating the status of upcoming events. 

Following the guidelines of the appropriate health agencies, we have restricted non-essential travel for our staff and will hold virtual meetings whenever appropriate. In addition, we are readily available to facilitate online meetings for any Tessitura community gathering.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the advice of health agencies as the situation continues to develop. If you need any assistance, the Tessitura support team is here 24/7.

As a non-profit, member-owned company, our primary goal is — and continues to be — the success of our member organizations. As such, we have developed, and continue to develop, resources to help our organizations best navigate the difficulty and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic. We have collected our business continuity resources here and have also created a space for our community to pose questions, share plans, and discuss responses with one another.

We are proud to be a partner to more than 700 cultural organizations around the globe and are putting all our efforts toward your continued success.

Please direct any additional questions to business@tessituranetwork.com.



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