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Tessitura Network and Cuseum partner to enhance visitor and member engagement


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Cuseum, a leading provider of engagement software for museums and arts nonprofits, is the latest partner to join Tessitura Network’s ecosystem of trusted technology and service providers.

With this partnership, Tessitura’s user community, comprised of many of the world’s most iconic museums and cultural attractions plus an extensive number of leading performing arts organizations, will be able to benefit from new mobile engagement and digital membership solutions that integrate directly with the Tessitura platform.

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“We’re excited by the innovative, best-in-class engagement and digital presence products that our partnership with Cuseum will extend to our community as we advance our mission to provide a unified system that helps organizations achieve all their attendance, fundraising, and engagement goals,” said Jack Rubin, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of the Tessitura Network. “We have an enduring commitment to smartly expand the tools and resources available to arts and cultural organizations and are thrilled to bring Cuseum into our ecosystem of partners. We only partner with companies that add considerable value, have credibility and a track record of success. The Tessitura suite of products and services are best-in-class and our ecosystem partner’s products and services enable us to extend our offerings in appropriate and desired areas.”

First launched in 2014, Cuseum helps museums, attractions, and cultural nonprofits deepen visitor, member, and donor engagement using digital tools. Today, more than 250 organizations use Cuseum’s software, services, and support to transform the visitor experience, drive member retention, and ensure cultural nonprofits are equipped to survive and thrive in the digital age.

Tessitura organizations will now be able to benefit from Cuseum’s Mobile Engagement and Digital Membership Card solutions. Mobile Engagement provides visitors the opportunity to enjoy curated tours and guidance, delivered to them through their own mobile device. Similarly, Cuseum’s Digital Membership Cards streamline the traditional membership model by offering an intuitive, modern, and more effective approach to membership engagement.

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“We have always revered the strong community that Tessitura has cultivated in the arts and cultural sector, and are thrilled to join this vibrant ecosystem,” said Brendan Ciecko, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Cuseum. “We’re devoted to providing innovative digital solutions that will allow Tessitura members to take their visitor and member engagement to the next level.”

Arts and cultural organizations leveraging Cuseum’s Digital Membership solution with Tessitura will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily present digital membership cards
  • Save time and money by reducing the amount of administrative labor expended on sustaining membership programs
  • Increase membership renewals through push notifications that are delivered directly to members’ smartphones
  • Promote membership benefits, discounts, and reciprocal programs
  • Offer the convenience of the mobile wallet that consumers enjoy in travel, entertainment, banking, payments, and more
  • Reduce environmental impact by eliminating paper and plastic that are used to produce and ship physical membership cards

Cuseum will become part of the Tessitura Preferred Providers Ecosystem, a network of trusted third parties that provide solutions of value to the Tessitura community and extend the Network’s reach.

To learn more about Cuseum’s solutions for Tessitura, please contact Cuseum by e-mail at hello@cuseum.com or by phone at 617-356-8200.

About Tessitura

Tessitura is an enterprise CRM system that powers all key business functions for museums, performing arts organizations, and other cultural, educational, and media entities. From fundraising and memberships to ticketing, marketing, education, analytics, and more, Tessitura’s unified platform enables a seamless, 360-degree view of all donors, members, buyers, prospects, and volunteers with a single database. Tessitura provides targeting and insight capabilities so the “right” engagement can happen at the optimal time. In addition to its flagship software, Tessitura offers a range of complementary services that empower its users to achieve their goals. Those users form a community of industry leaders that enjoys an unprecedented level of knowledge sharing and collaboration through the facilitation efforts of the Tessitura Network. Tessitura also works with a wide range of ecosystem partners that provide products and services to extend the power of what its users can do.

About Cuseum

Cuseum helps organizations drive visitor, member, and patron engagement using digital tools. Cuseum’s software platform makes it easy for museums, attractions, and nonprofits to publish mobile apps, generate digital membership cards, and leverage data insights.


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