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Powering Transformation with a Bold Global Digital Collaboration: World Ballet Day LIVE

Watch World Ballet Day Live Keynote Session


Read/View Time30 min

Learn the story behind the wildly successful global digital collaboration World Ballet Day LIVE.

This Keynote Session took place during the 2017 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference (TLCC2017) in San Diego in August, 2017.

Since 2014, five of the world’s major ballet companies have been reenergizing loyal patrons, capturing the attention of new audiences, and rejuvenating their own companies with a continuous, day-long, live-streamed celebration of ballet and behind-the-scenes programming. World Ballet Day LIVE is content marketing writ large. This session explored the inception and structure of this collaborative effort; its continuing evolution; learnings and takeaways; its impact on the principal companies and beyond; and the applicability of this format to other genres and disciplines in the Tessitura community.

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