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Mystic Aquarium - photo by TM Brown
starSuccess Stories

Transforming the Visitor Experience with a Unified System

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Customer Service4 min

A chorus comprising people of many ages. Several people are raising their hands in the air. The director, whose back is to the camera, is holding their arms out the side.
light bulb iconInnovator Series

Music for Life: The power of creativity for people living with dementia

Arts & Culture / Collaboration / Community Engagement15 min

A man with dark hair and a beard, seen from the torso up, wearing a blue button-up shirt and a black blazer. He has one hand in his pocket and is smiling.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Welcoming the Widest Possible Audience

Accessibility / Arts & Culture54 min

Bare trees reaching up into a dim, foggy sky
book iconThe Culturephiles

When your theater is haunted...

Arts & Culture / Theatre 3 min

Getting cold chills in a warm box office

A boab tree with a very stout trunk and no leaves, seen in silhouette against a pink and orange sky. The sun is close to the horizon.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Can Dance Save a Life?

Arts & Culture 3 min

Combatting despair with dance in Western Australia

A person with short curly hair, eyeglasses, and a dark red sweatshirt sits on a leather couch, holding a laptop. They are looking to the left and smiling.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Websites are relationship builders

Business Strategy / Digital 5 min

Jenifer Thomas LaMorte writes about how to maximize your website's potential to deepen engagement with your patrons

A red velvet curtain is drawn across a stage with an ornate proscenium.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Learning to Love Opera

Arts & Culture 5 min

Welcome to opera country!

An aerial view of a lush green forest, with a mist hanging in the sky overhead
book iconThe Culturephiles

Alive With Potential

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Community Engagement 5 min

Reflecting on Tessitura’s history and envisioning our next stage

Andrew Recinos, Chuck Reif, and Kristin Darrow standing on stage at TLCC2019. The audience is visible behind them.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Company Update: Propel

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Technology 25 min

Chuck Reif, Kristin Darrow, and Andrew Recinos reflect on key milestones in the evolution of Tessitura Network and look to the future.

Two men, seen from the torso up. Chris Plevin is in the foreground, seen in profile facing to the left, with his hands clasped. Criss Henderson is slightly behind and to his right. An audience is faintly visible in the background.
light bulb iconInnovator Series

Creating a State of the Imagination Theater

Arts & Culture / Theatre 15 min

Criss Henderson and Chris Plevin describe how Chicago Shakespeare Theater built The Yard, one of the most flexible theater venues in the world

A compass sits in the palm of someone's hand. A body of water is visible in the background but is blurred.
book iconThe Culturephiles

There can be only one

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Presenting & Performance / Theatre 4 min

How successful leaders expertly zero in on a single purpose

A woman with long brown hair is seen from the waist up, her forearms bent in a gesture. She is wearing a dress with colorful flowers on a black background.
light bulb iconInnovator Series

Music for Life: The power of creativity for people living with dementia

Arts & Culture / Collaboration / Community Engagement 15 min

Daisy Swift demonstrates the impact of creative music making and Wigmore Hall’s commitment to building a dementia-friendly society

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