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But first, a story...

Adventures from the business of arts and culture with Andrew Recinos

Aerial view of the city of Houston inundated after Hurricane Harvey
book iconBut first, a story

A Rising Tide

Arts & Culture / Collaboration / Presenting & Performance 5 min

A year after Hurricane Harvey, finding determination, collaboration and a startling new energy in Houston

Three concert programs from Carnegie Hall
book iconBut first, a story

Don't Lose the Thread

Arts & Culture 3 min

Andrew Recinos shares his personal journey from full immersion in culture, out to the wilderness, and back again

Kids jumping at the Museum of Science Boston
book iconBut first, a story

Unexpected Collaborations

Arts & Culture / Collaboration / Community Engagement / Museums 4 min

Andrew Recinos blogs about the serendipitous ideas that can arise from unexpected collaborations in arts and culture

Don, Andrew, and Heidi with Michael Mueller
book iconBut first, a story

Seniors and Sequins: the untold true story behind TLCC2018

Arts & Culture 5 min

Andrew Recinos tells a story of the unexpected confluence of conference planning, ballroom dancing, and a natural disaster

Photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki
book iconBut first, a story

Culture Makes Us Happy

Arts & Culture / Community Engagement 4 min

Andrew Recinos blogs about the power of hearing uplifting stories from the world of arts and culture

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