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The Culturephiles

Adventures from the business of arts and culture with Andrew Recinos

Kids learning how to play taiko drums
book iconThe Culturephiles

Of the people, for the people, by the people

Arts & Culture 5 min

How a perpetual two-way conversation with audiences is paying off at the vibrant Shedd Institute of the Arts in Eugene, Oregon

A Qantas plane at a jetway, seen through a window with blurred raindrops
book iconThe Culturephiles

Small World

Arts & Culture 3 min

Traveling around the world to tell the stories of small cultural organizations

Andrew Recinos looking intently at his laptop
book iconThe Culturephiles

I read 945,253 blog posts in the past year.

Arts & Culture 4 min

Here’s what I learned.

A photo of a person seen from the knees down, wearing blue jeans and pink Converse sneakers
book iconThe Culturephiles

You as a Tween

Arts & Culture 4 min

Can your passions as an adolescent predict future job satisfaction?

Painting: Ted Holloway, Testing for Gas, 1965
book iconThe Culturephiles

They Painted the Darkness

Arts & Culture / Museums 4 min

How a new museum is intentionally developing a deep connection with their community

Theatre Royal Newcastle
book iconThe Culturephiles

The Most Important Thing

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 3 min

In a quiet pause, a successful theatre exec demonstrates the key to great leadership.

Close-up photo of a dancer's feet en pointe
book iconThe Culturephiles

A Novice Learns to Love Ballet

Arts & Culture 3 min

Everything in life can be improved with a checklist.

The facade of the Science Museum, London, on a sunny day
book iconThe Culturephiles

Superpowers of Observation

Arts & Culture / Museums 3 min

How a clever museum exec looked up from the numbers and saw the story of the solution.

Soo Ah Kang, Tanya Howard, and Meghan Pugh in The Nutcracker. Photo by Karolina Kuras.
book iconThe Culturephiles

In Praise of Nostalgia

Arts & Culture 4 min

A warm human emotion for a cold time of year

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