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wrench iconTech Spotlight

Open Studio: March 2021

Technology 90 MIN

Mar 24 • Join us as we showcase some of the new technology we're working on for the Tessitura Community.

Demonstration of v16 acknowledgements screen
wrench iconTech Spotlight

Open Studio, February 2021: v16 acknowledgements and order confirmation emails

Technology 68 MIN

Members of Tessitura's Product and Innovation Teams review our current product roadmap and show progress on v16 acknowledgements, order confirmations, and reporting.

Screenshot of v16 Tessitura: editing membership level benefits details
wrench iconTech Spotlight

Open Studio, January 2021: TNEW email templates, v16 membership benefits

Technology 72 MIN

Join members of Tessitura's Product and Technology Teams as we review our current product roadmap, show progress on v16, and briefly review the new acknowledgment rules screen.

A laptop seen from the side. In front of it, a coffee cup and a red wireless mouse.
wrench iconTech Spotlight

Little things are coming!

Technology 5 min

Chris Szalaj shares small features that will have a big impact in Tessitura v16

Several sharpened yellow pencils lined up on a dark gray surface. One pencil is set apart from the others.
wrench iconTech Spotlight

Innovation at Tessitura

Business Strategy 3 min

Thoughts from Co-Founder Chuck Reif

Presents wrapped in brown-and-white paper, one tied with a ribbon
wrench iconTech Spotlight

Tailor your gift certificates for virtual events

Digital / Ticketing & Admissions / Virtual Experiences 4 min

Tips for using TNEW to make the most of the gift-giving season

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