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Thought Leadership

Groundbreaking ideas from diverse members of the Tessitura community

A close-up of a person typing on a laptop. Their arm and part of their torso are visible, and they are wearing a white shirt and a dark blazer.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Take control of your data

BI & Analytics / Business Strategy 5 min

Data and business intelligence are too important to leave in someone else’s hands.

A person with short curly hair, eyeglasses, and a dark red sweatshirt sits on a leather couch, holding a laptop. They are looking to the left and smiling.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Websites are relationship builders

Business Strategy / Digital 5 min

Jenifer Thomas LaMorte writes about how to maximize your website's potential to deepen engagement with your patrons

Andrew Recinos, Chuck Reif, and Kristin Darrow standing on stage at TLCC2019. The audience is visible behind them.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Company Update: Propel

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Technology 25 min

Chuck Reif, Kristin Darrow, and Andrew Recinos reflect on key milestones in the evolution of Tessitura Network and look to the future.

A man with dark hair and a beard, seen from the torso up, wearing a blue button-up shirt and a black blazer. He has one hand in his pocket and is smiling.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Welcoming the Widest Possible Audience

Accessibility / Arts & Culture 54 min

Sina Bahram challenges us to use principles from universal and inclusive design to help us open up our buildings, content, programming, and experiences

Jack Rubin, seen from the waist up. He is clasping his hands and smiling.
bell-iconThought Leadership

Disruption by Design, Innovation by Necessity

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 25 min

CEO Jack Rubin opens the 2019 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

An open sketchbook with an illustration of a laptop, paper, and hands holding pencils reaching out from multiple directions
bell-iconThought Leadership

How to Be a Poetical Scientist

Arts & Culture 6 min

How the first self-described poetical scientist, Ada Lovelace, shaped the future of technology

A person at a table writing in a notebook
bell-iconThought Leadership

The Value of Everything, Part 4

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 5 min

In the final part of this series, we examine intention — sustaining conscious thought over time.

A pen sitting on a blank notebook open on a desk
bell-iconThought Leadership

The Value of Everything, Part 3

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 3 min

To look at the value of everything, we need to take inventory of what's happening.

An overhead photo of Opera Theatre of St. Louis, photo by Ken Howard
bell-iconThought Leadership

Seven stories of success from the opera world

Arts & Culture / Audience Development / Business Strategy / Customer Service / Marketing / Presenting & Performance 3 min

From the Royal Opera House to Opera Australia, these seven companies have bold ideas to share.

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