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Navigating COVID-19

How Tessitura can help you manage a continually evolving situation

Digital and contactless options

Tessitura allows you to serve your customers safely and efficiently with a variety of digital and contactless options to meet their needs.

A handheld scanner pointed at a mobile phone displaying a digital ticket
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    Mobile-responsive online sales

  • credit-card

    Touchless payment devices

  • Doc-Check

    Print-at-home and mobile tickets

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    Contactless scanning

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    Redeem gift certificates online

  • kiosk icon

    Integrated kiosks

  • ticket

    Virtual experience ticketing

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“I wanted to thank everyone at Tessitura for the way the organization has handled the COVID-19 situation. You have quickly put together resources and forums, hosted webinars and discussions, and pivoted product development to features that are really needed. It’s been very clear how much the Network cares about its members and how strong the community is as a whole."


Alan Moffat 
Ticket Operations and Customer Relations Manager
Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

Respond to ever-shifting timelines

Tessitura makes it easier to retain revenue while processing cancellations, rescheduling events, and handling returns.

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    Utilities to seamlessly handle mass cancellations

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    Easily move performance and event dates

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    Tools to help you retain revenue through ticket returns and exchanges

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    Online return requests to collect customer preferences

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    Convert cancelled orders to tax-deductible or Gift Aid-eligible donations

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    Easily email personalized, branded receipts for refunds

Screenshot of an Analytics dashboard showing Total Ticket Refunds, On-Account Ticket Refunds, Ticket Contribution Amount, plus a line graph and a pie chart

Unified CRM helps you target communications

It’s essential to know your customers and communicate your plans clearly. Tessitura’s unified CRM empowers you to personalize every interaction.

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    Unified cart brings together tickets, bundles, donations, memberships and more

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    Only unified CRM gives you a true 360–degree view of every patron

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    Use that 360-degree view to personalize and target all messaging

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    Intuitive list-building tools let you segment lists for every communication channel

Article: Your customers are not strangers

“TNEW and Tessitura are actual life savers. We wouldn’t have raised even one eighth of the income we have in the last two months if it wasn’t for you.”


Marina Abel Smith 
Head of Individual Giving
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Powerful fundraising tools

Fundraising is more important than ever during this time. Tessitura makes it easy to take quick donations as needed and manage your existing fundraising relationships for years to come.

Two mobile phones showing donation pages for different arts organizations
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    Quick donations functionality makes it easy for patrons to give

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    Promote add-on donations within the purchase path

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    Sophisticated moves management functionality helps you cultivate major gifts and maintain vital relationships

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    Automatically generate acknowledgments and receipts

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Flexible ticketing functionality

As organizations reopen, flexible ticketing options will be key to success. Tessitura empowers you and your customers to have a safe experience.


Timed admission

Set up capacity blocks by start time, then set and enforce entry times.


Flexible setup options

Easily set the capacity for facilities, events, and time blocks, and adjust as needed.

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Mobile and print-at-home tickets

Reduce risk while enhancing convenience and safety for both patrons and staff.

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Configurable pricing

Offer discounts, pay-what-you-can pricing, and/or dynamic pricing as desired. 


Capacity control

Capacity limits are effective across all sales channels.


Real-time monitoring

Always know what percent of your house is seated, or how many visitors have entered.


Physical distance seating

Configure best available seating with detailed hold maps. Article: Physically Distanced Seating

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Easily handle high demand for those first tickets when reopening.

“As the Dallas Zoo planned for a safe reopen, we knew we had to move to timed admission so we could actively manage capacity throughout the day and avoid crowds at our gates. It is fortunate the Dallas Zoo switched to Tessitura a few years ago, and timed admission plus membership benefits are some of the many areas that Tessitura provides as standard. We're thrilled that we executed a successful three-day Member Preview period and segued directly into our public opening with relatively few technical or experiential glitches, given the significant operational changes we implemented.”


Mark Boyer 
Director of CRM and Data Support
Dallas Zoo

Know who’s in your venue

Tessitura has the tools to make it easy and efficient to track and report on attendance.

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    Collect names of all visitors in the ticket purchase path

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    Attendance tracking for all points of entry

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    Powerful CRM helps you track personal and professional relationships

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    Retain full order and attendance history for your customers

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    Greet customers by name with personalized access control

Learn more about access control
NScan Monitoring

Build and sustain your membership programs

Tessitura enables you to keep your members engaged through digital-first tools

Two iPhones showing the membership purchase path
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    Digital membership cards

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    Offer memberships through any channel, including mobile

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    Self-service member benefit redemptions

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    Members can track their own benefits usage

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    Extend membership expiration dates in bulk to compensate for closures

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Business intelligence tools

Tessitura's unparalleled self-service analytical tools help you gain important insights, make decisions, and deepen engagement with your customers.

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    Visualize the impact of COVID-19 on your organization, including revenue retained through donated tickets

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    Detailed reporting on all aspects of your business: sales, attendance, capacity, donations, and more

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    Analyze the impact of reduced capacity and physical distance seating

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    Historical data helps you find your most loyal visitors and audience members

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    Sophisticated tools allow you to pull highly targeted, segmented lists

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    Dig deeper into your data to identify opportunities to strengthen engagement

Learn more about Tessitura Analytics

Manage your organization from home — or anywhere

Tessitura makes it simple to do your mission-critical work from the office, home, or anywhere else.

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    Cloud hosting offers full Tessitura functionality accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

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    PCI-compliant database and secure desktop deployment

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    Business intelligence tools let you access insights from any device

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    Automated billing and payments help streamline remote workflows

  • coins

    Process payments remotely with compatible EMV devices

Learn more about cloud hosting

Integrated mobile apps

Mobile apps can help you offer virtual tours while your doors are closed, or enhance your customers' on-site experiences with their own mobile devices

Two mobile phones, one showing a mobile membership card and the other showing a "behind the scenes" video.
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    Mobile tickets and membership cards

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    Offer virtual tours through mobile apps

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    Audio tours, wayfinding, and other enhancements to the in-venue experience

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    Mobile-first translations and audio amplification services

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