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Customer Service

Put Your Patrons at the Center of Your Organization

Tessitura’s unified solution gives a comprehensive view of every patron

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Resolve Problems, Questions & Requests Efficiently with a Personal Touch

Log, track, and resolve customer service issues and requests.


Log Issues


Assign Tasks


Reporting & Strategy

Log issues such as customer feedback on shows or exhibitions, lost and found items, and more. Then assign follow-up actions to the appropriate staff member.

View all your team’s tasks so that you can make sure follow-up is happening on time. Set your preferences to display assigned tasks as soon as you log in.

Report on CSI data to see trends: Are complaints being resolved faster? Do customer complaints increase or decrease in response to particular events? Use your CSI data to make better decisions about staffing, structure, or strategy.

“The information that we have in Tessitura about our guests helps us if we ever need to follow up with them. We have gotten feedback from that: people writing us back and saying, ‘You usually don't see customer service like that these days.’”


Jennifer Miller, Guest Services Manager
Perot Museum of Nature & Science

Accessibility Services

Tessitura helps you make your venue accessible to all.

  • seatmap

    Set aside special inventory for customers with disabilities, and make it available for purchase through all channels — including the web

  • accessibility icon

    Ticketing office can define seats based on aisle location, stair requirements, and wheelchair accessibility

  • list

    Track special assistance requests, such as assisted listening devices, medical equipment, service dogs, or others

  • bell-icon

    Event staff can access all needs and requests for each event

Accessible Seating Screenshot

Information Requests

Easily log, track, and fulfill a variety of customer requests for information about your organization and programming.

  • book icon

    Log requests for brochures and other informational materials

  • list

    Automatically fulfill all outstanding information requests, including easy list/label creation and automatic action logging

  • multiple-devices-icon

    Information requests become part of the overall customer history, so you can use them to target marketing efforts and other communications

“Our customers are seeing much better customer service. We have more time to spend with the customers, not just processing tickets, but having conversations with them. We're better able to track orders, we're better able to track CSIs and respond to those in a timely manner.”


Michelle Usadel, Tessitura Application Specialist
Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

On-Site Customer Service

Handheld devices not only validate tickets and membership cards but also offer built-in messaging, help resolve seating issues, and more.

N-Scan device
  • checkmark-icon

    Enable ticket validation for both printed and digital tickets.

  • checkmark-icon

    Always be prepared with a front-of-house log that includes notifications about customer needs.

  • checkmark-icon

    Resolve seating issues on the spot. If a patron needs wheelchair seating that you hadn’t anticipated, instantly see where you have room to accommodate them. If a person with balcony tickets is afraid of heights, an usher can immediately find available seats on a lower level.

  • checkmark-icon

    Set up alerts so that staff can know when VIPs enter your facility and greet them accordingly.

  • checkmark-icon

    Enable location-based services and alerts in your Tessitura-powered mobile app.

  • checkmark-icon

    Empower your ushers or greeters to deliver personalized messages to customers when they arrive at the venue. Thank them for their gift or subscription, let them know to meet their party at the bar, or notify them that their umbrella is at the lost and found.

Learn more about N-Scan access control

“N-Scan has allowed our front of house staff to change seats immediately if we have unexpected wheelchairs (our balcony is not wheelchair-accessible). We’ve had reports of kids scared of heights, people that come with vertigo, and they get up there and they’re just terrified. Our house management team can solve that problem within about two minutes versus the seven, eight, nine, ten, fifteen minutes that it would take to get the patron downstairs, get the box office to fix the tickets and get them back upstairs.”


Kristina Miller, Senior Audience Services Manager
Children's Theatre Company

Send Personalized, Relevant Communications

Keep your patrons informed



Send push notifications (with TN Mobile Plus) and email notifications to let customers know of last-minute changes, construction, or parking reminders

screen shot of push notification
Mobile Notification

Location-Based Messaging

Use location-based push notifications to connect with patrons in your facility

Learn More about Online & Mobile

Contact Preferences

Contact patrons where they prefer to be contacted, based on why you are contacting them

Learn More about Email Solutions
Contact Preferences
Account Preferences Screenshot

Online Account Management

Let patrons manage their accounts online and on mobile

“It's a pretty fantastic thing to have Tessitura as one database where all the information is stored. For me being in customer service, it's about being able to have that history on each guest and make a personal connection.”


Tony Palombi, Assistant Director, Constituent Services
John G. Shedd Aquarium

Better Customer Service through a Better Understanding of Your Patrons

Tessitura’s seamless database can change the way you understand and interact with your audience. Unified CRM is a vitally important tool for providing better customer service.

Constituent Record
  • checkmark-icon

    Every aspect of their activity is on the constituent record, so you can see a full picture of each patron

  • checkmark-icon

    With Tessitura’s constituent header, you can see who a person is from any part of the organization: when creating a ticket order, processing a donation, or anywhere else

  • checkmark-icon

    The header is configurable, so you can choose what the most important at-a-glance info is — not just for your organization but for different departments within your organization

  • checkmark-icon

    See the web of relationships among patrons, so that you can see social, family, and professional connections

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