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Tessitura's Innovator Series

Innovators in Conversation: Shannon Bennett

How can arts and culture rapidly evolve? 

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Shannon Bennett, seen from the shoulders up; smiling

Shannon Bennett, PhDChief of Science and Dean of Science & Research Collections, California Academy of Sciences

TitleInnovators in Conversation: Shannon Bennett


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What is your core and what is your resilience to protect that core even while adapting to new and changing conditions? 

Diversity is key to surviving evolutionary events, and arts and culture businesses need to evolve rapidly to thrive in the new environment brought about by COVID-19.

Dr. Shannon Bennett, Chief of Science for the California Academy of Sciences, joined Andrew Recinos to discuss practical lessons our businesses can learn from the natural world. How can arts and culture rapidly evolve? 


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Top photo by Will Love, © 2014 California Academy of Sciences

Shannon Bennett, seen from the shoulders up; smiling

Shannon Bennett, PhD

Chief of Science and Dean of Science & Research Collections

California Academy of Sciences

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Andrew Recinos, seen from the torso up, seated in front of a bookcase.

Andrew Recinos


Tessitura Network

Andrew Recinos is President of the Tessitura Network.

He is responsible for oversight of Tessitura's North American operations, including Consulting, Application Support, Managed Services, Community, Conference, and Learning Resources divisions. Working closely with CEO Jack Rubin, Andrew is a key strategic leader for the company. Taking an active role in connecting with Tessitura's member organizations, Andrew visits with scores of cultural professionals around the globe each year, sharing news about the company and learning the many unique stories of our community. Andrew's presentations draw insights from the multifaceted organizations in the world of Tessitura. 

Prior to joining Tessitura, Andrew was a Managing Director at Jacobson Consulting Applications (JCA) where he oversaw their Products division.  Andrew served as a product lead for the development of T-Stats, Tessitura Dashboards and the Revenue Management Application (RMA), as well as serving as Tessitura implementation lead for more than 30 Tessitura implementations. In 2009, Andrew became the Product Manager for the Tessitura Next Generation Project and served on the Board Steering Committee for the project to re-envision Tessitura. Prior to JCA, Andrew worked in fundraising, membership and technology at a variety of non-profits, most notably Carnegie Hall in New York City, where he worked for eight years. Among his roles was Director, Friends of Carnegie Hall, where he oversaw all aspects of this 15,000 member program.

Andrew has a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration and Bachelor of Music, Composition from Indiana University. He currently serves on the Distinguished Alumni Council of the Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter.

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