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Announcing the Lineup for TLCC2018 General Sessions

General Session lineup lets attendees experience new technology, discover the impact they can make locally, and reflect on how they can contribute to making history


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The Tessitura Learning & Community Conference proudly announces the lineup of speakers for the 2018 general sessions.

From the forward-looking keynote session to Tessitura’s Innovator Series Live, conference attendees will be able to experience new technology and be inspired by the impact they can make in their own communities. In addition, the general sessions program includes much-anticipated annual talks by Tessitura Network leadership.

The 2018 keynote session will highlight the new wave of immersive, participatory, and experiential patron expectations. “Crossing Barriers to Innovate Experiences in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality” features speakers from three organizations who are working with the new media formats of VR, AR, and MR: 

  • Sarah Ellis, Royal Shakespeare Company;
  • Luke Ritchie, Philharmonia Orchestra; and 
  • Matthew Tarr, American Museum of Natural History. 

They will share projects past, present, and future, offering strategic thoughts about the opportunity to work iteratively, collaboratively and cross-departmentally to broaden access, and deliver heightened emotional experiences using this new technology.

Photo by Marina Vidor, courtsey of the Philharmonia Orchestra 

The next installment of Tessitura’s Innovator Series delves into how our organizations work to be their most effective. The ongoing program of brief talks by industry innovators is inspired by the demonstrated value of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. In this session, three speakers will explore how we keep our staff well, how we nurture our audiences, and how we learn new ways of working from our peers. The three talks are:

  • Stepping into the Void: A Courageous Collaboration
    Claire Spencer, Arts Centre Melbourne
  • Does the Lookalike Segment Make All Audiences Look Alike?
    Victoria (Tory) Bailey, Theatre Development Fund
  • Fundraising as Transformative Creativity 
    Torrie Allen, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Rounding out the week’s general session offerings are talks by Tessitura Network leadership. CEO Jack Rubin will lead attendees on an exploration of transformative leadership. Senior Vice Presidents Kristin Darrow and Chuck Reif will reveal the coming breakthroughs for Tessitura Software. President Andrew Recinos will dive into the impact we all have in our local communities. Don Youngberg, Vice President, will close out the week with reflections on our roles in arts and culture and how they contribute to making history. 

Chuck Reif presenting at TLCC2017 

Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

The Tessitura Learning & Community Conference is the largest annual global gathering of arts and cultural professionals, attracting passionate and intelligent digital artists, ticketers, marketers, fundraisers, developers, executives, techies, and arts & cultural mavens who are part of the Tessitura community. Over 200 sessions will be delivered at this year’s conference in Orlando, July 15–19.


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