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Stronger relationships through education programs

Beau Vigushin discusses how Tessitura helps ACM's education programs

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Beau Vigushin

Beau VigushinDirector of Ticketing & Visitor Experience, Arts Centre Melbourne

TitleTessitura-powered education programs at Arts Centre Melbourne


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We welcome over 25,000 students to the center each year across all of our four main stage venues, as well as a range of guided tours and other special activities to help have a full day of performing arts activities.

Tessitura helps us to communicate with our school groups really efficiently and helps build that relationship as time goes on so that we can have a really meaningful and deep relationship with a school group and that we can make sure that their experience is the best that it can be.

Proactively Welcoming School Groups

We use a lot of custom data work within our ticketing orders to send out automatic acknowledgments that tell people about the show that they're about to see as well as for our subsidy program. It tells them how much subsidy they've received and therefore how much they need to pay. Some of our groups don't pay anything at all. The system does all of that, and the school group just sees the information that they need to see.

“We didn't know anything about our audience prior to getting Tessitura. And now we have a really deep understanding of who our audience is.”

The recent developments in our education program mean that we're able to effectively report on a school group's experience for a whole event day. We've got a custom report in Tessitura that pulls information on the performance that they're coming to see, and also lists the activities that they're coming to see before and after the show. So if a school group is running late, we know where they've been before and we can ring ahead and say, "Where are they?" but we can also ring ahead to let people know that a school group is coming to their after-hours show and what time they're going to be there. 

On event day [our staff] is there to welcome the school group, and they're out there in the venue reminding them of where they've got to go next and what their timeline is. And if they've got any money owing on that experience for the day, they're there to let the teacher know. The school groups are really amazed at how proactive we are in knowing what the experience is like for the school that day and being able to tell them exactly where they need to go next. 

Effective Reporting

Probably my favorite feature is T-Stats, the reporting and analytics tool. To be able to slice and dice data instantly is such an amazing and powerful tool. I'm in T-Stats every day and I'm always promoting the use of it throughout our organization. People sometimes come to me and say "Where did you get all of that amazing data from?" and I'm like, "It's right there. It's right there for you to be able to use." 

We do really effective sales channel reporting so we want to know, on an average week, how many people have booked online or how many people have booked over the phone and we can do that just instantly through T-Stats. It doesn't mean that I need to sit through hours and hours of combining figures in excel. All of that data is just right there for us to be able to use. 

Understanding Audiences

I think Tessitura helps us not just with school groups but with our audience. It helps us to understand who our audience is. We didn't know anything about our audience prior to getting Tessitura. And now we have a really deep understanding of who our audience is and we know where we want to go so now, we can work really easily on how to get there.



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