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One person's story of how a Tessitura course helped her organization

Melysa Rogen of Austin Opera describes how Tessitura training accelerated her path to being a better marketer

Melysa Rogen

Melysa RogenDirector of Marketing & Communications, Austin Opera

TitleOne person's story of how professional development helped her organization


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“My experience was phenomenal.” 

My organization signed me up for the Tessitura Center for Professional Development (TCPD) as I was starting with them. I have previously been with companies that used other ticket systems, and I was new to Tessitura. So they sent me, and I came back with all of the knowledge that I needed. It was a great decision for our organization, and for me personally.

I learned a lot, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed at any point. Becci and the whole Tessitura gang made it so fun and engaging. They gave me the knowledge needed for success in my career, and then also good life skills.

The TCPD cohort was great. We’re basically a family. They sent me to become a power user, but I got so much more out of it: lifelong friends. I can reach out to other organizations that were there, I can reach out to Tessitura people that were there and say, “Hey, I’m having trouble with this.” You can’t measure what you get out of it. 

They gave me the knowledge needed for success in my career. I can do anything needed in Tessitura. 

Before & after the course

My job as the director of marketing and communications requires a lot of reporting and pulling numbers. Pre-TCPD I didn't really know which reports worked best, or even how to do a ticket order, for that matter. And after doing TCPD, I can help my staff run ticket reports, I can do ticketing orders myself, I can basically do anything needed in Tessitura. And TCPD gave me that.

TCPD has helped my organization as a whole because now I’m able to teach other staff members things that I learned there. I can reexamine what we’ve done in Tessitura. We’ve revamped everything and we’re running much more streamlined, and it’s great.

I would say to someone considering TCPD, “Yes, all the way!” It was a great success for us. I’ve told other staff we need to send more people here. It’s another way to learn things that you wouldn’t think you could learn.

TCPD has helped my organization as a whole because now I’m able to teach other staff members things that I learned there. 

Tessitura at Austin Opera 

I have been on other ticket systems, and Tessitura does everything you need. Other ticket systems, you’re always trying to come up with workarounds. You don’t need to do that with Tessitura. It has the information. It’s just to learn how to use it, and so that’s why they sent me to TCPD.

At the Opera, we use Tessitura for everything: our development reports, our marketing reports, obviously our ticketing. We have ticket scanners so that we can track our patrons coming to and from shows. And it’s really helping us learn who our patrons are, as well as learn what data we need to collect, what things we need to tweak when we’re talking to patrons. There are ways that you’d never think the information in Tessitura could help you, but it does. 

Becoming a better marketer

Tessitura helps me be a better marketer, hands down, because it tells me who my patrons are. It tells me their name, address, phone, all of that, but then it also tells me what they’re interested in. Are they going to more of our classical operas? Are they going to our updated operas? It’s helping us build new programs, new projects, doing different things to really reach Austin in a new way. It helps me if I need to raise prices or lower prices. It really gives me everything that I need as a marketer.

Tessitura helps me be a better marketer, hands down, because it tells me who my patrons are.

The biggest benefit of Tessitura 

It will give you everything you need. You can be in one integrated system, whether you’re development, or marketing, or box office, or patron services, or production, or education. It’s got everything you need, and it’s well worth the investment because then you can become one cohesive team. No silos. And that’s really great.


More About TCPD

The Tessitura Center for Professional Development (TCPD) provides opportunities to learn the Tessitura application in a specific area of study. Comprehensive Courses offer in-depth training of Tessitura configuration and best practices over the course of six weeks. Learn more and register: 

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