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Discovering the power of a unified system

With Tessitura, the Black Country Living Museum improved more than admissions and customer service

Laura Wakelin

Laura WakelinDeputy Chief Executive, Communications & Marketing, Black Country Living Museum

TitleUnifying the team at Black Country Living Museum


Read/View Time4 min

We at Black Country Living Museum love Tessitura. We're only eight months in, but we're finding that we know so much more about our visitors now.

It's helped us streamline our entry and our admissions process. Having data about who's coming in and being able to target them from a marketing point of view is wonderful.

At Black Country Living Museum, we originally had five different systems across the organization that didn't talk to each other, which wasn't particularly helpful when we were trying to mine information, and find out who our customers and our visitors were. So across the organization, we decided that we needed to try and find out more about our visitors and our visitors' behavior. And so, we secured funding and put together a document about what we wanted from a CRM system, and went through a pretty significant procurement process. Tessitura came out top.


Understanding Visitors

What it's really allowed us to do is find out who is visiting us more than once. We're a museum, so it's really good to find out who's visiting us originally, but then who's coming back on our UnChained Pass. So we can find out now how many times people are visiting us over a year, and it helps us with the loyalty process, so we can really start to target people now and help them climb that loyalty ladder.

We use N-Scan and we're finding it really useful for us. We're a museum, so it's general admission, not just special performances or events. N-Scan is probably one of the most important tools of Tessitura for us.

We wanted one integrated system, but we've actually got one integrated team now.


Increasing Online Sales

We've seen real benefits from using TNEW compared to our previous booking site. The main benefit of TNEW is the seamless transition that we can now help our visitors get through that journey of purchasing tickets online. So, we can deep link from our main website straight into TNEW, and it's really reduced the number of clicks that our visitors have to be able to finish that journey. We're seeing our online sales slowly increase, and we hope to see that even more over the next 12 months.

Unifying Staff

When we procured Tessitura, we perhaps didn't have everyone on board in the organization. But now we have it, it's brought the teams together so much. We wanted one integrated system, but we've actually got one integrated team now.

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