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Launching a mobile app at the Honolulu Museum of Art

The museum found its members and visitors eager to adopt its Tessitura-powered mobile app

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Travis Hancock

Travis HancockWeb Manager and Content Coordinator, Honolulu Museum of Art

TitleLaunching a mobile app at the Honolulu Museum of Art


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We set up TN Mobile Plus from the get-go.

We decided we wanted to do it when we heard there was going to be a member card feature, because we have over 10,000 members and we have high traffic events at which we need to get the members through the door very quickly. So we got into it for that reason, and because we thought it would help with ticket sales.

And so when we first started dabbling with it, we quickly discovered that there was a lot of room for customization: to put our branding materials on it and skin it how we wanted it with our color schemes and photos and all these things. And so we quickly turned it into what I think is still fairly simple, but at least is really visually appealing, and serves some very basic functionality for us, like getting people in the door.

Launching the App

We went live one month ago and we're seeing our members using our app pretty quickly. In just a month, we have close to 1,000 downloads already, and we gave it a big test run at a big members' and public event at which we are putting 2,000 people through the door in about an hour period for a three-hour long event. And it went pretty smoothly, especially with those who had the member app, and we got, throughout that night, about a bump of 500 downloads. And those continued into the next day as word of mouth spread and, I think, the incentive became clear to people.

We just discovered through the conference that we can track revenue through TN Mobile Plus, through the sales report, which we had previously just been using the Google Analytics associated with it and discovering the sales report and that we've, in a month, brought in about $1,400 in revenue just through app sales was a pleasant surprise to find out. So I'm excited to use some more of those analytics, too.

Art After Dark at the Honolulu Museum of Art

TN Express Web

Our TNEW site is primarily being used for our art school class registrations, through which we have custom forms set up; and for our theater, which has live performances and films; and we're doing basic ticket sales. We have a pretty robust marketing site, so we integrated TNEW specifically as transactional pages, so we link directly from what, our performance pages and our marketing site straight into the purchase path in TNEW and we find that it's pretty seamless now. We're able to have a new custom URL that... gives people the assurance that they're going to a secure space, and then gets them into the cart and gives them opportunities to make a donation along the way, and to then get a nice email confirmation and all the information they need in one place.



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