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Growing online sales with a new ticketing workflow

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Matt Briney

Matt Briney Vice President of New Media, George Washington's Mount Vernon

TitleA New Online Path for George Washington’s Mt. Vernon


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When we came on board, we decided that we needed to build a custom ticketing interface. So we really started from scratch with the APIs.

We had great help within the Tessitura Network. And from that, we’ve been able to create a ticketing workflow that has been fantastic in converting our sales and increasing our online use. And I think we really wouldn’t have been able to do it with any other system other than Tessitura.

What’s been amazing about our implementation of the Tessitura system is that we are seeing more and more traffic from mobile devices. People are coming to Washington, DC. They’re in their hotel room, they’re looking for things to do, and they’re on their smartphones.


And because of what we’ve done with the Tessitura database, and with our website and customer API integration, we’ve been able to create a ticketing workflow for them that’s had tremendous success, that allows them to purchase right from their mobile device, and then they can go right up to the gate and scan it. And in fact, actually last month, in July 2016], we sold more tickets through our mobile device than any other platform.

"A tremendous change"

It has been a tremendous change. With our previous ticketing system, we were only selling about 12% of our tickets online, and we now are seeing about 45% of our tickets sold online. We’re not only seeing a growth in our general ticket sales, but also because of the way that we’ve been able to do a ‘plan your day’ workflow, we’ve been able to not only get people to purchase the general admission tickets, but also some of our specialty tours, which traditionally had not been selling as well. 

The openness of the platform, access to the data that in other systems is really normally very restricted: it’s been a fantastic experience that has allowed us to develop something that really is more tailored toward our business and our customers’ needs.

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