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A consortium brings organizations together in Nottingham

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Nicola Blackburn

Nicola BlackburnTicket Sales Manager, Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall

TitleA consortium brings organizations together in Nottingham


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We are a consortium of four venues for Ticketing Network East Midlands, and we use Tessitura throughout the whole organization. 

Tessitura helps us run our ticketing by being really efficient, and all the information's in one place. We have so many features that are really great for offering our customers what they need and our staff being able to find that information quickly and easily all the time.

TN Express Web (TNEW)

For online sales we use TNEW. We had to make a quick decision on going live with a new online sales system and TNEW just seemed to be the right fit for us, especially in the consortium. It was really easy. The fact that it really integrates with Tessitura properly, all the functionality comes through, we don't have to do any customizations straightaway, it works out of the box, is really fantastic for us. 

It's really flexible. We have had customizations done so we've got Tessitura involved in that to just give that added little layer of customer service. So things like a roundup donation at checkout or packages online, and just making them feel a bit more fluid.

We use TN Mobile Plus. We use that as an app for our customers to be able purchase online, just to make that process a little bit easier for them. We have lots of information on there, especially for our student population. We've got a big student population in Nottingham, and it just is a better platform for them to access us through, so we do quite a lot of push notifications and information going out to that audience.

Royal Concert Hall / Top photo: Theatre Royal

Consortium Environment

Being a consortium is really great for us. We actually built the consortium to get Tessitura. We're all different size venues and we all work in the city, so it's brought the cultural organizations in the city much closer together. 

We have project meetings once a month, so we discuss our programs, we discuss our developments, we share training. We'll each go to each other's venues, train our staff or if we've found a new way of doing something. Our venue's by far the largest, so we have more resource available and more time to be able to look at developments and find new features and find new ways of working. To be able to share that with the other organizations is really fantastic.

It's a fantastic piece of software. We love working with it. I think everybody that we work with really enjoys the community that's involved with Tessitura, the learning that's involved with Tessitura. It's just a great system. 

I have a big network in the UK, and I had somebody phone me from a Scottish venue the other day to say, "Oh, I've heard that you're doing packages. Can you help me? I need some advice." And just for people to be able to do that and us to do that in return is a really fantastic feeling. 

Tessitura is embedded into our whole organization. It's not a part of the organization, it is the organization. It's what we use for everything; it is part of what we do all day.

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