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Let your customers choose what to pay in TNEW

Ideas and considerations for editable pricing

Nara Z.

Nara ZitnerProduct Owner, Web Products, Tessitura Network

TitleLet your customers choose what to pay in TNEW


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TN Express Web (TNEW) currently offers you a lot of flexibility in configuring how different types of products are sold — 

whether that’s a timed admission to your main gallery, a live performance, parking, or even a bouquet of tulips. With our July 22 release, you now have a new option which allows your patrons to determine what they wish to pay for an item using our editable pricing feature.

Your organization may already be taking advantage of editable pricing in Tessitura which allows your staff to adjust prices for discounts. Combined with TNEW’s powerful Product Type Editor, you can offer that same level of pricing flexibility to your customers using an open field where they can enter in a desired amount they want to pay — respecting a minimum amount that you configure.

Screenshot of pay-what-you-wish pricing in the TNEW purchase path  

In these times of financial uncertainty, this feature provides you a way to experiment with new or familiar products and encourage patrons to make a purchase based on how much they can afford to support your organization.

As you prepare to enable this feature in TNEW, here are a few things to consider:

  • You can set a minimum price for an event/item which can be messaged on the page and will be enforced to ensure a certain level of costs are covered.
  • You can also configure this to be enabled at the product type or at the individual product level if you want to start out with only a few offerings.
  • Only events or items which have one editable price layer in Tessitura are editable on TNEW.
  • If you are offering editable pricing, we recommend that you only offer that one price type on the page. However, you can offer non-editable price types in combination with editable pricing.
  • Editable pricing is intended for use via the best available configuration. Select Your Own Seat (SYOS) will automatically be disabled if editable pricing is enabled for an event or item.

Keep in mind that editable pricing requires at least Tessitura v15.1.11.

We look forward to seeing all the creative ways that you use this feature. If you have any success stories or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to share your experiences on our community forums or with your local Tessitura User Group.  




Top photo by Jess Waters from Unsplash


Nara Z.

Nara Zitner

Product Owner, Web Products

Tessitura Network

Nara joined the Web Products team in January 2017 as Product Owner for both TN Express Web and TN Mobile Plus.

Nara has just returned from London where she worked for the UK Parliament in their digital services department as a portfolio manager and the Royal Academy of Art as a systems analyst. Prior to that, she worked over 9 years at POP (a web and interactive agency in Seattle) where she worked with Tessitura on early SOAP API and Kiosk development as well as working directly with licensees on custom website development and integrations with Tessitura; she has survived many an onsale.

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