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It’s always the season for retail revenue

And for connecting Tessitura with your retail point-of-sale software

Jeremy F.

Jeremy FryImplementation & Training Consultant, Tessitura Network

TitleIt’s always the season for retail revenue


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Our lives in the arts and culture sector afford us the opportunity to witness the greatest stage productions, stand among history in the most iconic museums, and take selfies with endangered species at our zoos and aquariums.

I don’t know about you, but I will never get over the sheer feeling of awe I experience in these iconic spaces.

And then it happens…

As your day wraps up and you prepare to leave, you see it. Sometimes it’s a shimmering holiday ornament, other times it’s an “I can’t NOT go give it a squeeze” stuffed otter. You guessed it: you found the retail shop.

Displays in a gift shop including t-shirts and plush belugas

The gift shop at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

If you’re anything like me, a person with a background in both the arts & culture and retail sectors, you get excited! You browse the coffee mugs, you straighten a stack of books that has gone askew, or you find the perfect memento t-shirt for mom. To you, it’s simply a material item of joy from which you can wax nostalgic about your visit. To the museum, the theater, the zoo or aquarium, the university or the historical gardens, it’s a piece of data they have longed to attain.

The good news is that the longing…is over.

The year 2020 has clearly brought about a lot of change for everyone. We at the Tessitura Network are no different. This year we made a huge change and are excited to roll out a brand new integration. Working hand-in-hand with our ecosystem partners SalesVu and Shopify, we successfully integrated the Tessitura CRM platform with both of their industry-leading point-of-sale solutions! Gone are the days of not being able to identify a member who attended our event and purchased a commemorative coin and an autographed poster on the way out.

Both the SalesVu and Shopify point-of-sale integrations allow you to:

  1. Look up patrons in the retail software who have a Tessitura constituent record with a membership. If the patron is a member and is entitled to a discount on retail purchases, you will see their discount percentage or dollar amount and be able to apply it to their order.
  2. See the full retail purchase information of a member in Tessitura on a screen dedicated to their retail purchases. This allows you to gain a 360-degree view of your patrons’ relationship with your organization.
  3. Redeem gift cards or gift certificates that have been issued from Tessitura, for retail purchases. You can see balance information in real time, and both purchase history and gift certificate/gift card usage history reflects immediately in standard Tessitura gift certificate reports.

In addition, SalesVu integrates Tessitura’s member discount functionality into your SalesVu web store. Yes, this means that your members can redeem their entitled discount in your web-based retail shop! They only need to maintain one Tessitura account for event sales, memberships, and donations, with a separate login for the SalesVu web store that links with their Tessitura account to provide the patron with their discount. The discounting rules for members that you have in your retail store are the same for members who prefer to shop online.

Screenshot of an online purchase of a t-shirt from Millan Art Center

SalesVu web store

We are so happy to have the partnerships with both SalesVu and Shopify. Your members will be able to make the most of their membership benefits, and your organization will finally be able to truly see the full picture of how your patrons interact with you. More data is good, but accurate data is even better.

Now…I’m off to go purchase that stuffed otter. 

•     •     •

Learn more about our retail partners here. And if you know that the web store integration is important to you, you can reach out directly to SalesVu to get started.

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Top photo by @rupixen from Unsplash


Jeremy F.

Jeremy Fry

Implementation & Training Consultant

Tessitura Network

Jeremy Fry joined the Tessitura Network staff in September 2013 after having been with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra since June 2008.

Prior to that he worked for Borders Books & Music and the Toledo Symphony. An avid sports fan (Go Bucks!) with a love of tennis that teeters on obsession, Jeremy also enjoys ancient literature, TV time, playing and listening to music (he's a trombone player and an English handbell ringer), and spending time at home with his two and four-legged family members. Jeremy lives in the Southwest area of Cincinnati. 

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