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Highlights from Tessitura Europe Community Week

Our top takeaways from a week of sharing, gaining insight and finding inspiration as a community

Ellie G.

Ellie GriffithsBusiness Development Manager & Training Consultant, Tessitura Network

TitleHighlights from Tessitura Europe Community Week


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What a week!

Hundreds of our global community gathered in almost twenty events to share ideas, learn from one another and mark a year where, although we haven’t been able to meet in person, we are still very much there for each other across the ten countries we serve.

Great content ranged from a business and technology update delivered by Tessitura senior leadership, to getting a peek under the hood of Tessitura Version 16. Members shared their learnings from this year, and we took a look forward with strategic sessions on forecasting, CRM and change management. 

Reflecting on all that content, here are some our favourite moments from the week.

“2020 has been evolving... we are all writing our own Act III.”
Jack Rubin, Tessitura Network

Two men standing backstage near a half-painted set of stairs. At the top, the text: We are all writing our own Act III.

Act I and II of 2020 were gripping and challenging. During the opening session of the week, Jack Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO of Tessitura, took us through the Tessitura’s learnings from 2020, and how together we have a foundation that is stable and sustainable as we write our Act III together. 

“Through phone calls, support tickets and forum posts, during community discussions, executive round tables and innovator conversations, we’ve heard grit, determination and ingenuity.” 
Andrew Recinos, Tessitura Network

In the same session, Andrew Recinos, President, Tessitura Network, took us through the six traits of forward-looking cultural organisations, evidenced by some our of fanastic Tessitura Europe Members, including Mayflower Theatre, Royal & Derngate, Birmingham Hippdrome, Waterfront Hall and Ulster Hall, and the National Gallery.

Screenshot labeled Six traits of successful cultural organisations

You can read more about both the six traits and more specifically Royal & Derngate’s approach

Catch up on the opening session (login required).

“We’ve had the opportunity to plan ahead, time to think, time to review, time to reiterate and time to improve.”
Matthew Hodson, Shakespeare’s Globe

2020 has not been all bad — it’s been a great opportunity for organisations to break old habits, test, learn and iterate. Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Danish Theatre and Science Museum Group shared how they were able to make a positive impact in the changing landscape. Explore their journeys of innovation and strategic thinking here.

“Always challenge inherited assumptions.” 
Joanna Newell, Roundhouse 

“Our members and donors are adventurous and engaged.” 
William Mendelowitz, Philharmonia Orchestra 

“People genuinely care about our organisations — not just their experience, but the experiences we can provide to our communities.” 
Alistaire Bowler, Melbourne Recital Centre 

Roundhouse, Philharmonia Orchestra and Melbourne Recital centre shared their top three takeaways from their fundraising experiences this year. All three organsiations took the opportunity to recentre fundraising messages at the heart of their organisation's strategy. In return, they have been rewarded with deeper engagement and a better understanding of their supporters. Their discussion on fundraising as a new revenue powerhouse was inspiring. 

“Navigating what to do now requires us to reflect on the past, be highly in tune with the current situation and be open to change.” 
Amalia Hordern, Tessitura Network

We may want to leave this year as far behind us as possible. But when looking forward, it’s also important to look back. Amalia shared some great tips and summarised the outlook organisations need when forecasting for next year.

Screenshot from a webinar. At right, webcam of a woman with long dark hair wearing a headset; at left, a framework showing (from top to bottom) Stream, State, Strategy. 

“If you can take someone’s fear and reassure them, you can move them to a place of hope.” 
Bobbi Kay, Tessitura Network 

Bobbi’s message of hope resonated powerfully with us. 2020 has been scary, with a lot of change. But if we can identify our fears, we can move forward and bring people along with us. Tessitura’s Member Engagement Manager Bobbi Kay walked us through managing change at all levels and gave great tips for working across teams to create impact.

“Mastery is about prioritising customer engagement and intentionally striving to build a deeper connection with our audiences at every interaction.” 
Ed Gargiulo, Tessitura Network

Now more than ever, understanding our audiences and mastering our customer relationships are vital. Interactions can happen online, virtually, through many channels and also in person. Kate and Ed discuss the five steps you need to take to move people from unknown to known, and to build deeper connections.

“Scarcity drove our organisations, but with the pandemic a sense of abundance took over. Who you are and your values matter.” 
Erik Gensler, Capacity Interactive

Our keynote brought together Andrew Recinos in conversation with Erik Gensler, Founder and CEO of Tessitura partner Capacity Interactive. Andrew and Erik discussed what it takes to be a 21st-century communicator and the values leaders need to emulate to be successful. They discussed the importance of understanding the power of peer influence and the positivities of allowing teams to disagree, sharing Mark Shaefer’s powerful theory that “the most human company wins.” This is a highly worthwhile session to revisit or catch up on. 

Screenshot from a webinar. At left, webcams of two presenters; at right, a vertical bar graph labelled 'Influence to See a Performance, by Age'  

Our final inspiration to end with: you. All of our members and the organisations we serve. Our mission is your mission, and the opportunity to bring everyone together, albeit virtually, is an integral part of our network. This year may have delivered many disappointments, but now more than ever we honour the importance and support of our global community.

Attendee Annie Scally, Ticketing Network East Midlands, encapsulated the week:

“Well organised, relevant content, and a variety of formats worked perfectly. There was something for everyone…. Whilst it’s never going to be the same as being together face to face, the virtual conference works well and in some ways gives an opportunity for a wider audience and engagement. Thank you again, it’s been one of the work highlights of the past few months.”

You can revisit or catch up on any session you missed by viewing the viewing the recordings.

Make sure you stay in touch by joining the conversation, whenever and wherever, through the forums, by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin or by getting in touch directly.

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Top photo: Photo by Damian Zalesky on Unsplash.

Ellie G.

Ellie Griffiths

Business Development Manager & Training Consultant

Tessitura Network

Ellie is Business Development Manager and Training Consultant within the European region, having joined the team in October 2018.

An experienced fundraiser, Ellie has connected individuals and companies to a range of causes, including medical charities, higher education and the arts. Most recently she worked as Corporate Relations Manager for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, managing a portfolio of corporate sponsors. Ellie is also Chair of Women & Theatre, a Birmingham-based theatre company that addresses contemporary issues through performance.

Ellie lives in Birmingham (UK) with her partner, their two cats and a large collection of bikes, guitars, LPs and football programmes (Not all hers!). An avid Leicester City Football Club fan, when not enjoying Birmingham’s thriving cultural scene, she can be found shouting at the King Power Stadium.

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