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Culture breathes new life into a struggling town

Andrew Recinos talks about how arts and culture is transforming a small English town.

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Andrew Recinoa

Andrew RecinosPresident, Tessitura Network

TitleCulture breathes new life into a struggling town


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This is the story of a small town with big dreams. 

"When you have a neat idea," says Andrew Recinos, "and you want tremendous results, you need to have practical application." Here, Andrew Recinos describes how arts and culture are transforming the English coal mining town of Bishop Auckland. 

This is part of a talk delivered live at the 2019 Tessitura Europe Conference in Birmingham, UK.


Andrew Recinoa

Andrew Recinos


Tessitura Network

Andrew Recinos spend his days in conversation with professionals devoted to advancing the world of arts and culture.

He considers himself very, very lucky.

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