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Today's Mantra Is: "I Am Selfish"

Kjersten Schladetzky of Tessitura Network presents live at TN Inspire! 

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Put on your own oxygen mask first.

Kjersten Schladetzky, Director, Application Services at Tessitura Network, shares her discovery of the importance of self-care in her TN Inspire! talk delivered to 1,850+ arts & cultural professionals at TLCC2018 in Orlando, Florida during July 2018.

Returning to TLCC for its third year, TN Inspire! is Tessitura’s fast-paced speaker series. Presenting on a passion of their choice, speakers had exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or simply inspire the audience. But there was a twist! Each presenter was limited to 20 slides that auto-advanced every 15 seconds, keeping the presentations lively and entertaining for all.


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Darryl van Oudenhove on stage at TLCC2018

Inclusivity Matters: Why I Cried When I Watched Wonder Woman

Arts & Culture / Audience Development 5 min

Darryl van Oudenhove of the Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts presents live at TN Inspire! at TLCC2018.

Steven Roth on stage at TLCC2018

Youth is NOT Wasted on the Young

Arts & Culture / Audience Development / Theatre 5 min

Steven Roth, President of JCA Arts Marketing, presents live in TN Inspire! to 1,850+ arts & cultural professionals at TLCC2018.

Jade Moore on stage at TLCC2018

Never Judge an Audience Book by Its Cover

Arts & Culture / Audience Development 5 min

Jade Moore presents “Never Judge An Audience Book By Its Cover” at TN Inspire! at the 2018 Learning & Community Conference