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“Tessitura brings the four organisations working together collaboratively.”

Annie Scally


“Tessitura brings the four organisations working together collaboratively.”

Annie Scally, Ticketing Network East Midlands

Consortium Overview

Success in Numbers

Tessitura is the only system that enables secure, successful collaboration among organizations that want to share a single database.

When collaborating in a consortium, organizations are able to use ALL of Tessitura's comprehensive functionality — ticketing and admissions, fundraising, memberships, CRM, marketing, reporting, web transactions, and more. Even while sharing a single Tessitura system, each organization can maintain its own Tessitura-integrated online branding and presence.

If desired, organizations can sell tickets and events for each other, whether singly or in combined packages. Members of a consortium can log on to the shared database but can access only their own data, such as ticket history, contributions, and private information. Each organization can set up Tessitura according to its own business policies, and each maintains its own separate ledger and financial system.

Why Consortiums?

There are many reasons organizations choose to operate within a consortium, rather than license their own Tessitura system. Some consortia are organized around a single venue, where multiple ensembles are in residence. Others are based on geography, with diverse cultural organizations within a city or region sharing a single Tessitura system. Because Tessitura is purpose suited to a wide variety of cultural and arts organizations, consortium organizations are diverse in size, genre, and geography.

Joseph Fernicola

“For us the benefit of a consortium is getting to work as a bigger team with other people who are using Tessitura. We can make decisions smarter.”

QuoteJoseph Fernicola, Grant Park Music Festival

Grant Park Music Festival Audience
Grant Park Music Festival Usher and Audience Member
Janna Ellis

“We're able to look at over ten years' worth of history for people and tell their story, across Yale, for any of the organizations using Tessitura. And that's been meaningful in many, many ways.”

QuoteJanna Ellis, Yale University Tessitura Consortium

Yale Cabaret Exterior
Yale School of Music Exterior
Ted DeDee

“Every part of what we use Tessitura for has been successful in each one of the departments, which of course has led to the success of the overall organization.”

QuoteTed DeDee, Overture Center for the Arts

Overture Center for the Arts - Stage
Overture Center for the Arts - Interior