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“We're able to effectively understand what our customers want.”

Matthew D'Silva

Festivals & Film Centers

“We're able to effectively understand what our customers want.”

Matthew D'Silva, Film Society of Lincoln Center

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Tessitura's unified platform helps you work better, smarter, and more efficiently. With comprehensive functionality across all departments, you can build deeper relationships with your patrons to maximize revenue. Tessitura handles high-volume on-sales with ease and allows you to offer tiered access by membership level. Tessitura facilitates cross-sells and upsells, and can even handle your concessions and merchandise.

David Geoffrey Hall

“The Melbourne Festival offers two types of packages that at one time were complicated to sell. Now, Tessitura’s pricing rules make these packages easy to sell through any channel.”

QuoteDavid Geoffrey Hall, Melbourne Festival

Melbourne Festival
Melbourne Festival
Matt Bolish

“Tessitura and TNEW have given us all the tools we need to create a streamlined, stable, customer-friendly package fulfillment process, freeing up our staff offer a new level in high quality service. We couldn't be happier.”

QuoteMatt Bolish, Film Society of Lincoln Center

Joseph Fernicola

“Tessitura has helped propel us forward so we can say: How can we even improve our business model, and make it so that the festival can be more sustainable for years to come?”

QuoteJoseph Fernicola, Grant Park Music Festival

Grant Park Music Festival Audience
Grant Park Music Festival Usher and Audience Member