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John G. Shedd Aquarium

“It's fantastic to have Tessitura as one database where all the information is stored.”


Zoos, Aquariums & Gardens

“It's fantastic to have Tessitura as one database where all the information is stored.”

Tony Palombi, John G. Shedd Aquarium

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We Understand Zoos, Aquariums & Gardens

Tessitura's unified platform helps you work better, smarter, and more efficiently. With comprehensive functionality across all departments, from ticketing to membership to fundraising, you can build deeper relationships with your patrons to maximize revenue. Tessitura powers efficient admissions and flexible membership programs so that you can run your business your way.

Tessitura Network has been providing enterprise technology solutions since 2001, and serving science centers, zoos, gardens, and aquariums for over ten years. Tessitura Software is a silo-busting product developed from the input of our members and continually evolving to serve the needs of cultural institutions of all genres. Unlike other providers, we are focused solely on your success.

Mystic Aquarium

“When you join the Tessitura community, people want to help you. There’s no competitiveness. Everybody is so passionate about doing things well for their guests, and they want to help you do the same.”

QuoteMelanie Evans, Mystic Aquarium

Craven Rand headshot

“FONZ is a complex place, but Tessitura’s team of professionals took the time to first understand our environment, before constructing and executing a plan that will allow us better understand and serve our members.”

QuoteCraven Rand, Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ)

Tony Palombi

“It was a game changer to bring on Tessitura and incorporate all these separate systems we had into one very robust database where everything is together.”

QuoteTony Palombi, John G. Shedd Aquarium