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Tessitura is more than technology — we also offer comprehensive services to ensure your organization's success.

Extend Our Technology

Our global consulting team is ready to assist with extending and improving your use of Tessitura. We can help identify and execute solutions which benefit patron engagement, core team utilization, and data analysis.

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    Extend Tessitura's core functionality through customization and site-specific configuration

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    Get the results you need through personalized consulting that aligns your business and your technology with a focus on industry best practices

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    Unify your data by integrating Tessitura with other core business solutions

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    Extend the web user interface with custom designs and templates or customizations to the online purchase path

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Optimize Your Business

Find revenue, engage audiences, and run your business more effectively. Our consultants have a track-record of delivering specific, actionable advice to address your critical priorities. Enterprise Consulting — just like Tessitura Software — is tailor-made for arts and culture. We bring together extensive experience from across the sector and access to the cumulative knowledge of the Tessitura Network community. This combination of business and technical know-how make us uniquely positioned to help propel your success.

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    Increase your productivity and capacity by leveraging the full potential of our software

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    Grow your earned and contributed revenue by improving return on investment and activating strategies to achieve your goals

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    Transform your organization with teams that trust one another, have a shared vision, and set clear goals

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Increase Your Knowledge

Your team’s ability to sustain and transform your business depends on their knowledge and proficiency. Our consulting and learning resources teams can provide all the support you need to ensure that your organization has the experience to use Tessitura to its full potential.

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    Comprehensive online documentation and help system

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    Getting Started Guides and training agendas for all functional areas

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    Interactive e-learning classes and training videos

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    Structured training programs through Tessitura Center for Professional Development (TCPD)

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    Remote and on-site training tailored to your organization’s goals and needs

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Augment Your Team

Have a Tessitura-trained expert as an extended part of your own team. Tessitura’s Tech Services ongoing retainer engagements are highly flexible, giving you the Tessitura services you need — custom report writing, best practice configuration advice, on-the-spot training and more — at the exact time you need them. Whether you are looking for a few hours a week to backstop your team, or a much larger engagement, we have a model to work with your needs.

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    Dedicated team of technical and functional experts working with your team

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    Flexible engagement options with a focus on your top priorities

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    Best practice solutions and recommendations keep you informed of industry trends

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    Detailed tracking of completed hours and tasks

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Host Tessitura in the Cloud

We offer the option to host and deploy Tessitura via the cloud, allowing you to access your Tessitura system wherever there is Internet and eliminate the need for major hardware investment or internal database administration. Tessitura's Remote Access Managed Plan (RAMP) service works for organizations of all sizes and gives you access to the same comprehensive functionality that is available when you host Tessitura on site.

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    Full Tessitura functionality

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    Convenient Cloud deployment

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    PCI Compliant

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    Secure access to your data

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    We provision and maintain all servers

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    We manage all upgrades

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Implement Tessitura

Tessitura’s implementation team knows your business and our technology, and we can help you use Tessitura to its full potential. Our global implementation team can provide the training, guidance, and project management to achieve — and exceed — your organization’s goals.

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    Our team has a 100% success rate for migrating organizations to Tessitura

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    We follow a proven methodology for implementation, which focuses on aligning Tessitura to meet your business needs with an emphasis on industry best practices

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    Comprehensive data mapping and migration services are included to ensure your historical data from across the organization is unified in Tessitura

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    We provide complete project planning, including schedule, resources and budget

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Trusted Technology Partners

The Tessitura Preferred Providers Ecosystem is comprised of trusted third parties that provide services of value to the Tessitura Community and extend the Network’s reach.

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    Providers are vetted by the Network for credibility, including reference checks with Tessitura users who are working with them

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    Many providers offer favorable terms and pricing to the Tessitura community

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    Many services are integrated with Tessitura using the Tessitura API

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