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Looking to learn? Ready to take our analytics tools to the next level? We’re here to help!

Advance a data-driven culture at your organization with Tessitura Analytics. Whether you’re just getting started and need an analytics orientation or are already a data-driven powerhouse looking to adapt our tools to your business, Tessitura Consulting has you covered. Don’t know what you need? Contact us — we’ll help!

Free Tessitura Analytics Orientation

The interactive dashboards that arrive with Tessitura Analytics are designed to surface information and reveal insight right out of the box. This 45-minute, free consultation for each Tessitura-powered organization is your opportunity to get oriented so you can hit the ground running. Once you’ve upgraded to v15, chose from one of the following topics and schedule yours today!

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    Guided walkthrough of Tessitura Analytics. This is a perfect learning opportunity for your entire team or a select group of Tessitura users.

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    Development walkthrough, focusing on the pre-built Tessitura Analytics dashboards on Contribution Income, Fundraising Progress, and Worker Portfolio.

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    Ticketing walkthrough, focusing on the pre-built Tessitura Analytics dashboards on Season, Production, and Performance Sales, as well at Attendance.

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Is your data ready for Analytics?

You may be ready to transform your organization with Tessitura Analytics, but is your data? A major block many organization face in becoming more data-driven is the state of their data. From focused projects to organization-wide assessments, we can help you align your data with your business goals and show you how to keep this corporate asset protected.

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    System and data governance support

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    Line of business and departmental reviews

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    Top-down assessments of entire organization

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    KPI-specific data cleansing and business process review

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If your KPIs aren’t creating accountability, understanding, and insight, you need this workshop!

It’s data, not anecdotes or intuition, that drives smart decisions. Data-driven organizations tie analytics, decision-making, and action together, and key performance indicators play a role in uniting them. Develop KPIs in the context of your vision, goals, and strategy. See how they keep everyone moving in the same direction, focus activity, and measure whether your organization’s strategy is working. Learning objectives for this workshop include:

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    Understanding the distinction between measures, metrics, and KPIs

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    Learning how to determine appropriate KPIs based on your goals and objectives

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    Creating accountability, understanding, and insight into the business of your organization

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    Designing dashboards to align departments and communicate progress

Dashboards designed and delivered on request

Looking for a dashboard specific to your business? Not sure where to start? We have you covered! There are many different options to personalize Tessitura Analytics for your organization. Schedule a free 30-minute call and we’ll help you figure out what you need.

Screenshot of a fundraising dashboard in Tessitura Analytics
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    Design and create new dashboards

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    Program constituent summary elements

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    Get more data from Tessitura or elsewhere

Modernize business intelligence across your organization

Interactive Dashboards in Tessitura Analytics
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    Tired of looking at the same report? We’ll liven up your data by envisioning it as a new Tessitura Analytics dashboard.

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    Is anyone using those custom reports? We’ll tell you what’s actually being used, by whom, and how often.

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    Are custom reports bogging down upgrades and showing conflicting numbers? We’ll transition them to performance optimized, user friendly views that are programmed, tested, supported, and maintained by the Tessitura Network.

Extend visual data discovery to your entire organization with custom cubes and ETLs

The interactive dashboards in Tessitura Analytics encourages a natural use of data to drive decision making. Take advantage of this sophisticated, yet easy to use self-service analytics platform to tell the full story of your data, from across your organization, in one place. We can help you incorporate related data from a variety of sources, enabling you to consolidate and centralize your business analytics.

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    Build new cubes

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    Add additional Tessitura data

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    Incorporate related external data, like weather, retail, or parking information

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