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Address Verification & National Change of Address

Experian Data Quality

Experian Data Quality offers a fully integrated, real-time solution that will ensure address standardization and accuracy at the data-entry stage. Using a simple interface, users can search for addresses by postal code or by any string of relevant address information and EDQ will auto-fill the address fields with accuracy and speed. Once the verified address is identified (within a matter of seconds) the address will be fed directly into Tessitura’s address fields in the same format. Experian Data Quality is integrated with the Tessitura client application as well as TNEW.

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Zeta Global and Tessitura Network have joined together to form a vendor partnership that will provide Tessitura Network members with address hygiene services, including NCOALink®, LACSLink® and DPV®, at preferred pricing. Tessitura Network members who use Zeta Global’s Address Hygiene services can also access their Telephone Data Append services at advantageous bundled pricing.

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