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Ecosystem Partners

Online Waiting Room

Crowd Handler

Crowdhandler, from Made Media, protects websites during periods of heavy traffic, preventing servers and other key infrastructure components from becoming overwhelmed in order to continue processing transactions with confidence. Customers are shown their position in the queue and their number is updated regularly until they are allowed through for their transaction. Messaging on the holding page can be updated to keep customers informed during their time in line. This on-demand, cloud-based product is integrated with Tessitura and can be deployed for one-off events or left permanently engaged. It is simple to set up and can be in operation within one week's notice. Contact Crowdhandler for more information.

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Queue It

Queue-It is a Tessitura-integrated online queue system for managing website overload during extreme user peaks. By adding Queue-It to a website, users exceeding site capacity limits are offloaded to the queue system. Queue-It not only provides end-users with a good experience, it also maintains the stability of the website while optimizing revenue.

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