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Venue, Facility & Artist Management


Artifax Event handles all aspects of room and resource-related bookings as well as the management of staffing, box office deals, contacts, mailing lists, documents, and the automation of powerful operational and statistical reports. Integration data points are linked to Tessitura so that critical event, ticketing, and CRM data travels between both systems.

In North America, please contact JCA for more information.

In the United Kingdom, please contact Artifax for more information.

In Australia/New Zealand, please contact Artifax for more information.

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Arts Vision

ArtsVision Software is designed for performing arts companies around the world to manage all aspects of administration including artistic planning, repertoire and contract management, rehearsal and production scheduling, venue and vendor management, front of house management, budgeting, and financial planning. For more information, please contact Jeff Mitchell, Vice President of Client Services.

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Ungerboek Software

Ungerboeck Software International is an event and venue management software that has been built over 30 years of collaboration with industry professionals and managers, and is working towards integration with Tessitura. Specifically developed for the event and venue management industry, Ungerboeck helps clients of all sizes operate more profitably and efficiently. Beyond event booking and planning, Ungerboeck's software is powerful enough to more effectively manage every aspect of business, from accounting to invoicing and generating valuable business insights. For more information, please contact Shannon M. Heaney, Vice President, Product Marketing and Quality Engineering.

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