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Ongoing Professional Services

Let's work together toward your mission.

We can leverage Tessitura to help you achieve your mission.

Tessitura’s Professional Services lets you concentrate on your mission and business goals while our team of experts handles day-to-day technology and operations. You will be paired with a strategic account manager who will take the time to understand your goals. Your account manager will work closely with our business and technology professionals to:

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Collaborate with the leadership of your organization to bring your vision to life


Plan ahead for major milestones, deadlines, and projects

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Help you take advantage of Tessitura’s latest features and upgrades


Maintain the quality and integrity of your data


Provide data insights to inform strategy


Optimize your technology to maximize revenue and efficiency


Build resiliency for your organization


Give you the operational and staffing flexibility you need to weather a difficult time

What we do

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Strategic account management

We will review your current operations to see how they align with industry best practices. If there are any areas not in alignment, we will use our comprehensive knowledge of CRM to achieve maximum efficiency and revenue for you.

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Take advantage of new features

As our team rolls out new functionality to help you navigate the pandemic, we can help you determine what to take advantage of and how.


Campaign planning and execution

We work with your marketing, fundraising, and membership teams to plan and execute each step for successful renewals, onsales, and more


E-commerce maintenance

Optimize your TN Express Web configuration to improve the customer experience. We can set up new promotions and enable additional features like One-Page-Giving or Add-On Donations to help you grow revenue.


Ticketing setup

Whether you want to move to timed admission or physically distance your seating, we can help configure your ticketing setup.


Data services and analytics

We can help maintain the quality and integrity of your data and provide data insights to inform your business strategy.

Interested in learning more?

We’re happy to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. Special COVID pricing, retainer contracts, and on-demand options are available. 

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