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Standards & Policies

More information to help your support interactions flow smoothly

Transition from Implementation to Support

  • The Tessitura Network provides 24X7X365 support for all our community.
  • During implementation, a personal Tessitura Implementation team is available for your organization and will assist with training, advise and troubleshooting.
    NOTE: Hosting Services licensees are encouraged support access during implementation for configuring their new hosting environment.
  • Prior to going live with Tessitura, the organization will be introduced to Tessitura Support services which, moving forward, will provide assistance with anything related to live functionality.
  • Your Implementation team will continue to assist with remaining projects during in the implementation phase.
  • Tessitura Support will provide assistance with all Tessitura- and product-related questions.

Tessitura and Product Version Upgrade Deadlines

Software Releases & Patches

Are you up to speed? Review important technical information about the most recent Tessitura release and the previous release to remain up to date with your software and products for the latest enhancements and fixes.