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Getting Started Guides

New to Tessitura? Make the most of this powerful resource!

Steps 1 through 3

Getting started

Step 1

Register at www.tessituranetwork.com for your member login.

Your login to tessituranetwork.com is a gateway to a wealth of resources, including e-learning classes, recorded webinars, Tessitura-hosted training programs, topic-specific online forums, and so much more. 

Step 2

Orient yourself to the Tessitura software. View a recording of the Introduction to the Tessitura Software webinar. The introduction will provide you with an overview of what the system can do and will help familiarize you with key concepts and terminology. (Or attend the webinar, if this periodically scheduled webinar is being presented in the near future.)

Step 3

Build your Tessitura knowledge. Each of our Getting Started Guides charts a recommended course through our Learning Resources library for gaining fundamental system competency in specific areas and functions, and then for expanding upon that competency, if desired.

Step 4

Immerse yourself in the Network Community.

It’s hard to appreciate the value of the Network Community until you’ve experienced it first-hand. Online forums, Tessitura User Groups (TUGs), Tessitura’s Innovator Series, and our annual Tessitura Learning and Community Conference (TLCC) foster and facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration. Our Joining the Network Community guide will help you plug into this invaluable Tessitura asset.

Step 5

Stay involved!

Our Learning Resources department offers several ongoing programs to keep you learning and growing throughout the year, including the Tessitura Network Webinars program and Tessitura's Innovator Series, featuring a program of brief and inspiring talks to advance insights and innovation in the business of arts and culture. Our annual Tessitura Learning and Community Conference (TLCC) is an exceptional experience, by all accounts. Attending TLCC is a great way to expand your Tessitura knowledge, to be exposed to new ideas and ways of doing things, and to share your own ideas and innovations with others!

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